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Yes I'm Still Alive, Mostly

I've just been really busy with real work and homework. I am maybe about halfway through the first pass of my Avengers fandom article (I'll post it here under f-lock when I'm done) and have been trying to get things sorted for a couple of directed study classes over the summer. Plus finishing up a collaboration for PCA with [Unknown LJ tag] (yes, I'll get to it, I swear!), doing heaps of paperwork, etc ad nauseam. And somehow getting roped on a preliminary basis to help with WorldCon 2012.

Ah, so cool things. Grognardia had an unexpected post that mentioned the gaming collection I'm developing at work that has netted a possible donor. Tomorrow I'm doing tours of Scifi for Aggieland Weekend. The new issue of SFRA Review came out this week and it contains my (admittedly glowing) review of XMFC. I got accepted into the papermaking class at Rare Book School this summer which should be fun. (This summer? SO BUSY: RBS, RBMS, ApolloCon, two classes...why do I do this to myself?)

I'm writing a bunch of things at once and making increments of additions on all. I have been trying to make time for writing but it varies when I have to read a couple books per week for class. SO. Yeah.

How are you guys???

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