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We Will Rise Again!

Andrew has been obsessing so over Firefly it is hysterical, particularly as he was so lukewarm towards the show during its run. (And they say marriage changes people...heh.) He's joined the Browncoats and everything. Personally, I was won over by the show in the first five minutes of "The Train Job" when Mal said "And we will rise again!"

Got to rib a woman at LC similarly today because there was a general inter-cubicle discussion of where "skippy!" came from, and most people being from New England were puzzled about where it came from. Me being from Georgia and volunteering I'd heard "darn skippy!" before, it degenerated into a "those darn Southerners" type thing...at which point I said, "Yeah, we're taking over--just like we always said we would!" Yeah, that bugged her. Hee! It's funny how antsy people get about stuff like that. Now I'm not Southern-Southern--if you heard me talk you wouldn't peg me from someone from the Deep South, I'm a hardcore liberal, etc. etc., and yet if I'm around people have to start pegging cultural stuff. "So you lost the Civil War, huh?" "Well, not exactly....you see, I wasn't friggin' BORN yet, it being over a HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS AGO AND ALL!" I probably should've told her my great-great-great (? do I have enough greats there?)-grandfather never officially surrendered at Appomattox (and eventually was sent to prison for it at age 96, though they let him out before he died, kindly enough)...

I guess I'm just sensitive, though people would give me hell about coming from the dorsal sphicter of the country even at UGA. I remember in one of my Shakespeare classes the professor remarked in surprise that there were two students from Toccoa there, and wondered if north Georgia was going to start sending in more students (UGA was primarily full of people from citified areas) and this one girl got really upset about that. "Oh no they're NOT!" she said, all undone...like it was personal to keep those of us who grew up in the country out of there. I just started laughing...my high school came this close to losing its accredidation (sp??) completely my senior year, so an influx of the poor and overly-NASCAR-inclined was exceedingly unlikely. But classism/geographism rankles me like that.

Which is a long way to say, I love the Browncoats!

Btw, tonight we'll find out on Stargate if Daniel Jackson is dead again or not...ooh...

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