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Redefining PWP; No! Not That Way!

Listening to [Bad username: tocourtdisaster"]'s mix because her playlists always help me write, and I've gotten around 3500 words of my maybe-stbb and am starting to calm down a little bit. Only, nothing happens, really: Erik is explaining academia to Jim and Raven is sort of explaining her fantastic blow-up with Hank to Pavel (bonus question: should Piotr Rasputin be one of Chekov's cousins or just part of the random Russian community in SF?), and Charles apparently likes to reorganize the Science section of Erik's bookstore, and IDEFK.

(Although in the XMFC only au that will preface this, Erik has already chased a would-be customer out of his store because the guy likes Lev Grossman.)

Um. Yeah. So, I'm trying to decide, when Raven needs some girl talk later is she going to get it from Uhura or Rand?

I'm also fighting the urge to have a fairly inexplicable situation in which Alex, Darwin, and Raven have to babysit Joanna for a few hours and are awesome at it. And remember to give Sean something to do, because I always forget about him.

Scotty, Gaila, and Hank need to argue about something sciencey at some point, just because.

Also, I need to find something for Angel to do, but have it not be bitchy or kinda evil (because yeah, she wasn't bothered by Darwin's death? WTF? *disaproves, even though it's stupid Hollywood being stupid, and that means I have to REDEEM her somehow even though I don't want to because Darwin was so adorbs, and wtf self?*): Thoughts?

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