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Random Acts of Geekiness

I got comics today! YAY! Books of Faerie came in and after much searching *finally* found a shop that had all the issues of Books of Magick: Life During Wartime--my normal place didn't have #s 2 or 3.

Of course I have no idea when I'll find time to actually read these, but...well, if I can sneak time for Persepolis 2 when I should be sorting out DTDs, well, there ya go then.

In the meantime it is Wednsday which means its "Make fun of Lost night!" Yup, our intrepid survivors have figured out after a week that help may be a while in comin'. Oh but they finally found fresh water! Although I gotta ask, did they really have *that* much bottled water on the plane? For 48 people for 6 days? Just doin' some math here is all. Which I know I suck at but still, even I gotta question those numbers. Oh and it looks like next week Token Black Guy and Token Asian Guy are gonna be all kung fu with each other over Asian Chick. (Why bother learning character names for this show? Really?)

Yeah, I know I should get a life. But between homework and class and work and more homework and some tv, when? Really?

Btw Jon Stewart called Tucker Carlson a dick last week! HA! The one thing I would've liked to see on CNN and I missed it. Bugger. Maybe Bowtie Boy will come on The Daily Show sometime? Maybe? Maybe?

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