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Outride the Sun, Part Eight


“You got in?” Gaila is so excited she jumps into his arms. Leonard swings her around impulsively, then sets her back down. She turns to Nyota, grinning. “You too?!”

“Yeah!” The girls clutch each other, giggling madly.

“Good news for you guys too, huh?” Hikaru enters the library with Pavel and Scotty, both of whom are grinning wildly.

“My felicitations to you all,” Spock says as he joins them.

Nyota is flushed. “How about you?”

The Vulcan gives a short nod of his head. “My acceptance has been confirmed as well.” He raises an elegant eyebrow at them all. “I must say, I am—relieved—that our joint acquaintance will continue.”

“Wow,” Leonard says. “Spock, I do believe you’re getting all sentimental on us.”

“Hardly.” Spock all but sniffs in disdain.

“You big green mushball,” Leonard says, surprising himself with the genuine fondness he feels. “I suppose it’s good to know some things will never change.”


The days start to fly by more quickly: Midterms pass, and there are a surprising number of forms that have to be filled out for entry into the Academy. The preparations for the Day of Alphius continue apace as well.

And then, there’s prom.

“Seriously?” Pike asks in dismay when he hears them talking about it. “You’re all thinking about prom?”

“It’s a rite of passage!” Gaila says defensively. Her PADD is full of dress possibilities.

“We could be dead in a few weeks, Pike,” Nyota says dryly. “You may as well let us have what fun we can.”

The Watcher can’t argue with that.

Jim continues to visit Leonard. Not as often as he used to, nor as intimately. In fact, they aren’t together, but they aren’t—not—either.

It’s confusing, to be honest.

“Look, Jim,” he says one night. “I’ve got something important to ask you.”

Jim freezes. “Okay,” the vampire says slowly, drawing the word out. “Ask me.”

Leonard takes a deep breath. “I want you to go to prom with me.”

Jim stares at him. “What?” he asks after a long moment.

Leonard can feel himself flush with embarrassment. “Dammit, you heard me. You. Me. Prom. Are you in or are you out?”

Jim opens and closes his mouth soundlessly. “I’m—I’m in,” he says at last. Leonard almost feels like he can breathe again when the vampire continues, “Does this mean I have to wear a suit?”

Leonard would be appalled if he weren’t laughing so hard.

On the night in question, he’s still getting ready when Mom knocks on his door. “Your date’s here!”

“Hold on.” Leonard takes a final glance in the mirror. Gaila had picked out the tux he’s wearing. He has Jim’s badge on under his shirt—for luck, in some obscure fashion. He takes a deep breath, and goes downstairs.

Mom is at the foot of them, making polite conversation with Jim. Jim is—

Jim is resplendent.

He’s in a gray suit that’s cut to match the lines of his body, and when he turns to Leonard, he can see that it highlights the fantastic blue of his eyes in addition to diminishing his unearthly pallor. When Jim grins widely at him, he wonders if it’s possible for his heart to actually stop beating.

“You boys have fun tonight,” Mom says, hugging him goodbye. “Mind your curfew, though.”

“Yes, Ma,” Leonard says obediently. “So,” he says to Jim when they are outside, “where’d you get the suit?”

“Gaila threatened to stake me if I didn’t let her take me shopping,” the vampire says as he hands Leonard a helmet. “I’m pretty sure she was serious,” he says when Leonard laughs. “That girl is intense about clothing choices!”

“I believe it!” Leonard says sincerely.

He sits behind Jim, wrapping his arms securely around the vampire’s waist. He tries not to think about exactly how comfortable it is to be this close to him again, or just how good it feels.

They wind through the city streets, street lamps sparkling around them like dozens of orbiting suns.

“Well, here we go,” Jim says when they are at the entrance of the school.

“Yeah. Here we are,” Leonard echoes. Jim silently offers him his arm, and he takes it.

The others are already there when they get to the dance floor. Even Pike is dressed up, though of course he’s one of the chaperones.

“What was prom like when you were human?” Leonard asks curiously when they start to dance.

Jim’s fingers are light on his waist. “Hell if I know, Bones,” he says. “I never went.” He grins sheepishly. “High school drop-out. Nominally a member of the Class of ’99, but only because I got my GED that summer.”

Leonard stares at him. “But you’re—”

“Smart?” Jim shrugs. “Yeah. I still hated school though. I—kinda hated everything back then, honestly.”

“Huh.” Leonard can’t help but laugh. “Have I ever told you you’re full of surprises?”

Jim dips him low to the floor teasingly. “Maybe once or twice.”

Leonard laughs, and then the music fades away. Everyone stops and turns to the stage expectantly. A short boy that Leonard vaguely recognizes from one of his classes last semester hurries across the stage to the microphone.

“Um,” the boy says uncertainly, “is, uh, Nyota Uhura here tonight?” There’s a soft murmur of surprise throughout the crowd. “Could she make it?”

Somewhere across the room Nyota looks confused, but she raises her hand. The crowd obligingly parts and a light is lit over her.

“Um,” the boy continues, “so normally this is where we’d announce the Prom King and Queen, but well, all things considered, the senior class decided that this was much more important. You see,” he says, as a girl that Leonard recognizes as one of those saved at the Bronze escorts Nyota onstage, “we all—we all know that this city isn’t like others, and our school isn’t either.”

“Monsters!” someone calls out.

“Werewolves!” someone else yells.

“Vampires!” Jim contributes with a grin. “What?” he asks when Leonard elbows him.

“And um, we all know that, whenever there’s been trouble, you’ve been there.” Someone hands the boy a glittery umbrella. “You’ve always helped us. We haven’t always said thank you, and so this is—this is to do that now. The Class of ’44 presents to you this Class Protector Award in recognition of everything you’ve done for us, and to commemorate the lowest class fatality rate in over a century!”

A raucous cheer goes up at that. Nyota looks like she wants to cry.

“Well, how about that,” Leonard says in admiration as he starts to clap.

“Sometimes people can be surprising,” Jim says, applauding as well.

“Can’t they just?” Leonard agrees, and then the vampire pauses to kiss him gently.


That’s the last reprieve they have for a while. The kids are getting tired, Jim can see it.

Hell, he’s getting tired.

But they’ve got to be ready for this, and that’s all there is to it.

“C’mon, Slayer,” he says to Nyota roughly one evening in the library. “You’re slacking.”

“Slacking?!” the girl echoes in disbelief. She throws a whirling kick in his direction, but he parries it easily.

“You heard me,” he says. Taunts, really. “Come on. Show me that fire! I know you’ve got it somewhere!”

“Fire!” The Slayer all but chokes bitterly. “I’m running out, Kirk! I’ve got nothing left.”

He stands up, dropping his fists. “Nothing left?! Who are you kidding! You’re the Slayer, kid!”

“Yeah, I am!” She pauses looking away. “You think I don’t know that. You think I don’t know what it costs?” She glares at him.

“That’s it.” He grins, bending back down into a fighting stance. “That’s the Slayer I know!”

She makes a hoarse cry, lashing out. “I hate it!” she yells. “I hate it! I hate it! I hate it!

“C'mon, Nyota, who are you kidding?” Jim feigns a lazy grin as he dodges a punch. “You love being the Slayer! It's who you are!”

“No--it's--not!” She pants between furious blows, leaping in the air as he slides his legs under them both to knock her off-balance, and failing. “I’m—more—than—that! Agh!” He finally lands a blow to her stomach and she doubles-up, breathless.

“Maybe,” Jim admits. He backs off, letting her get her wind back. “Doesn't change who you are, though.” He bends his head down, keeping his eyes hard and blue. “You don’t want to admit it, but you're just like me.”

“I'm nothing like you,” Nyota says in disgust. She spits, and blood colors her lips and teeth. “Nothing!”

“You're a killer,” the vampire corrects her implacably. “You live for blood just as much as I do. Don't fool yourself.” He points at the classrooms beyond the walls of the library. “You think anyone out there is remotely like you? Do you really?” He lets his demon show, just a little: flashes of gold.

Nyota says nothing.

Jim forces oxygen into his lungs and lets it out in a noisy, unnecessary exhalation of exasperation. "”Cause let me tell you something, Slayer. They don't.” He moves into her personal space, touches her face gently to make her look at him. “They don't get the hunt, or the kill, or any of it. There's no exultation, no despair. There's nothing, because they. Don't. Know.” There're tears in her eyes now, because she's looking back at the others—at Spock and Bones and Pike, all of them oblivious from where they research tirelessly at the opposite end of the room—and he hates it with all of his damned soul. “They don't know, Slayer. Not like we do. And if we are very, very lucky? They never will.”

She nods, and he lets her go. She heads to the armory, and he frowns before following.

Nyota opens the wide doors of it, displaying the wealth of weapons in their cache: the crossbows, the staves, the axes and swords. “They are people now,” she says shortly. She points to a pair of katanas. “Hikaru.” To a pair of axes. “Gaila and Scotty.” Crossbows. “Pavel and Leonard.” A Vulcan lirpa. “Spock.” She turns to him. “They get it. They shouldn’t, but they do. So.”

“Not like we do,” Jim maintains with a scowl. “Not like—” He breaks off, catching a glint of something in the back. “What’s that?”

Nyota frowns, retrieving it. “It’s a scythe. Duh. Why? Whoa,” she says in a completely different voice as he backs away from it in awe. “What’s wrong?”

“Slayer,” Jim says in a completely different voice. “You’ve got the scythe.” When she continues to look blank, he represses a hysterical laugh. “Dude, this is like finding fucking Excalibur in your closet!” He reaches out to it impulsively, then makes himself pull back. “Wow, I’ve only heard of it. You know who it used to belong to, right?” When she shakes her head, he grins widely. “Buffy! Duh!


That night, Leonard has something like hope in his chest for the first time in—a while, really. But he has this one last thing to do, with a week left to go.

“Mom,” he says casually after dinner, “what do you think about maybe getting out of town next week? Just for—a while.”

Mom stares at him. “What?”

“Look,” he says quickly. “You have to know—there’s things goin’ on. And, well. Oh come on, you were attacked six months ago and neither of us have ever talked about it, and it’s just—it’s not safe to be here anymore. Okay?”

“Okay.” Mom looks unhappy. “We can go back to Georgia just as soon as you graduate—”

“No,” Leonard says carefully. “There’s—there’s things I have to do here. And—Well. I just have to stay here. But you need to go. Just—do it for me. Please?” When she says nothing, he pulls out his last, best card to play. “Dad told me to look after you when he was gone. This is me. Tryin’.”

Mom nods her head, and doesn’t say anything at all.

And that’s that.


And then it’s the day before the Day of Alphius.

The day before graduation.

Nyota takes a deep breath, facing them all. “I know you’ve done everything you can to prepare and—and I want to thank you for that. But it’s only fair for me to—I can’t ask you to do this with me. Not really. It’s my responsibility.” She holds up the scythe. “Me and this. We’ll be enough.”

They stare at her in silence.

“So was there a point to that?” Leonard asks blankly.

Nyota blinks. “What?”

“Um?” Gaila raises her hand to speak, like they’re in class or something. “Nyota, you didn’t really think we were gonna let you do this by yourself, did you?”

“Wot?” Scotty is confused as he turns to the Orion girl. “Is that what she was askin’ then?” He turns back to the Slayer, head tilted in bewilderment. “’Cause that’s just stupid, lass!”

“Pretty much,” Hikaru agrees.

Nyota looks very near tears as they speak. Pike is all but beaming at them, his normally stern face soft as he watches them pledge to help their friend.

“Ve vould not leave you at a time like zis!” Pavel is appalled at the notion.

Spock stands, approaching the Slayer with his hands clasped behind his back, his expression neutral but for a faint upwards quirk to the lips as he stops inches away from her. “For someone who is an excellent tactician, you have a horrible habit of underestimating your auxiliary forces.”

Nyota chokes out a sound that’s something between a laugh and a sob. Spock looks like he wants to add something else, but he restrains himself and instead nods his head before returning to his seat. She shakes her head, looking at all of them gathered there. Her gaze lands on Jim. “What about you?” she asks.

The vampire looks nonplussed. “What about me?” Leonard tries to subtly elbow him, but Jim ignores him. Of course.

Nyota refrains from rolling her eyes in annoyance. Barely. “What do you think?”

“Oh. Well. I think you’re an idiot.” Nyota stares at him and Gaila gasps. Leonard whirls his head to glare at him so fast it hurts, but then Jim continues, grinning wildly. “I can’t think of anyplace I’d rather be. This is gonna be the fight of a lifetime. Fuck yeah, I’m in!”

That makes the Slayer laugh, and the others grin.

“Well, then.” Pike moves to join his Slayer, putting a hand on her shoulder. “We’re with you. Now tell us: How are we going to do this?”

“This is the plan,” Nyota begins, and she outlines it all from there.

“It’s—ambitious,” Pike says in admiration. “Of course you’ll always be numbered with the greatest Slayers of all, but this—!”

“My ego thanks you,” Nyota says dryly. “That’s it then. Any questions?” There aren’t any. “Okay guys. We have maybe one day left. I’m giving you an order here.” They all lean in closer, eager. “Take it off. Vacation day. Do—do whatever it is you want to do. And really,” she adds pointedly, “if any of you guys forget the way back here, between then and now? I wouldn’t blame you. Not a bit.”


Leonard thinks very hard that night about how he wants to spend his last day.

All things considered, it’s an easy decision to make.

That’s how he finds himself at the door to Jim’s apartment, heart beating wildly as he knocks. He looks around anxiously, fully aware that he’s being ridiculous—no one is going to really care about him skipping school, and hell, it’s the last day so there’s really no big deal about it, but he has a lifetime of excellent behavior and straight A’s and overachiverness behind him, and on top of that he’s doing this

The door is unlocked, and he moves in quickly as Jim shuts it behind him. It’s dark inside, curtains tightly drawn over the heavily UV-filtered glass.

“Bones?” the vampire says blankly. “What are you doing here?”

Leonard takes a deep breath. He’s had—he’s had a few hours to think about how he wants to say this, and he’s got it all laid out in his head, but looking at Jim now, taking him in, it’s all he can do to stick to the plan.

“I want to spend today with you,” he says, far faster and with less assurance than he would like. “And I want—“ And dammit, he can’t even say “sex”, what the fuck? So he gestures in frustration and just keeps going. “I don’t want you to tell me no, that I’m too young and you’re too old or you’re a vampire and you’re so bad and guilty and crap, okay, we’ve been over that and I’ve heard it and Goddammit, Jim, I don’t care! And I love you and tonight—we might die tonight, one of us or both of us and I just want—in case—I just want—“

That’s when Jim kisses him, shutting him up thoroughly. His mouth is pressed hard on Leonard’s, and he tastes of nothing but that unearthly chill that should scare the shit out of him, or be completely disgusting, only of course it’s not because it’s Jim and he can barely remember a time when he didn’t want the vampire, or when touching him felt like anything but an almost painful desire.

Jim holds him tightly, their bodies pressed close together, warm and cool. When they break their kiss, Jim presses his forehead close against his, eyes shut tight as if in pain. “Dammit, Bones, did you really think I was gonna say no? Now?” And they both laugh, but it’s choked off and tense because this—them doing this—it shouldn’t be because they might die in a few hours, it really shouldn’t.

Just like Leonard and his friends shouldn’t have spent the last year fighting vampires and demons and saving the world, and how Dad shouldn’tve died of xenopolycythemnia, and Jim shouldn’t be a vampire and Leonard shouldn’t be a mortal and they shouldn’t love each other.

But that’s the way it is.

“I love you too, Bones,” Jim says, and oh God, was that all out loud? But Jim doesn’t seem to care, he seems to be laughing, and at first Leonard is kind of pissed off about that, too, but then, well, dammit, he had known that in his own way, too, hadn’t he? The vampire went and got his frikking soul back for him, of course he loves him, and—

“I love you, Jim,” he murmurs back, and he can feel tears on his face, because he’s all kinds of terrified right now, but somehow saying all this is making him less afraid, too. “I love you, you need to know that just because—just in case—but I do, I love you—“

Jim kisses him again, different somehow, lips pressing against his mouth and then against his cheeks and eyelids in rapid succession, kissing away the tears and the terror and everything but Leonard’s hunger for him before he pulls back. “C’mon, you,” Jim says, and leads him upstairs to his bedroom.

They start pulling at each other’s clothes while still on the steps, shirts flying first, and then they’re pulling their shoes off awkwardly once they get to the top steps. Leonard fumbles with Jim’s belt, finally unclasping it and pulling it open, tossing it aside where it hits the floor with a thunk. He starts working at the zipper of the vampire’s jeans, taut over the bulge and he can’t seem to work the damn thing right while Jim seems to have no such problem with the buttons of Leonard’s khaki pants. And then the zipper finally gives and they shove the last garments away, the both of them naked. Leonard shivers all over as Jim presses their bodies together in another embrace, their cocks already hard and trapped against their stomachs.

“Let me get you a blanket,” Jim whispers when he feels Leonard’s trembling. “I know—“ The rest of it, that I’m cold, goes unspoken. He pulls the blanket from his bed, wrapping Leonard up in it securely, but then Leonard puts his arms around Jim and drapes the edges of it around him too. They stand like that, nestled together, Leonard just breathing as Jim’s body starts to pick up some of the heat of Leonard’s own, and the fabric around them forms a pleasant cocoon of sorts.

“Better?” Jim’s light blue eyes are very wide, watching him carefully, like he himself can’t believe this is happening either. When Leonard nods and pushes him to the bed, kissing him again, the vampire lets him do it.

“Do you have—“ Leonard starts to ask, but Jim produces the box of condoms from behind the mattress. The human sighs in relief.

The vampire grins at him. “I still think it’s silly, you know. I’ve been dead over two hundred years!”

Leonard makes a face at him. “You could still be a carrier or something. Well you could be!” he adds as the vampire snorts, but he’s smiling when he says it.

“I have a confession to make,” Jim says as he opens a packet, pulling the condom out. “Since I haven’t done this—well, this part,” he clarifies at Leonard’s dubious snort, “in a couple centuries, in the spirit of optimism I decided to start practicing earlier.” He rolls the condom over his straining cock, taking care to leave the little space for the well at the tip and pulling the end up firmly.

“I appreciate it,” Leonard says dryly, and he does, really, but his own cock is so hard it almost hurts. Jim flashes him a quick grin, eyes flashing gold just for a second, and then his mouth is on him and it feels so fucking good. He moans, running his fingers through the vampire’s hair. “Stop,” he says after a moment, and Jim pulls back immediately, looking confused. “I want to come with you,” he explains, and the vampire nods, pulling backwards and grabbing the bottle of lube.

Jim prepares Leonard thoroughly, carefully insinuating a cool, slick finger into Leonard’s ass. Leonard groans, hips jerking uncontrollably when Jim crooks his finger just so, then a protesting grunt when he removes the digit.

“You alright?” Jim asks, slipping two fingers in this time, moving them carefully, and slowly, oh so slowly. Leonard swears he’s almost dizzy by the time he remembers to respond.

“Uh huh,” he exhales. It doesn’t really hurt—well, there’s a little pain but it’s mostly unfamiliar stretching—and at the same time there’s this building pressure like he’s on the cusp of something wonderful. “Great. Fine. Perfect.”

Oh God, I’m really having sex, he thinks.

“No, we’re having sex,” Jim corrects him, smug as ever.

Leonard makes a face, wishing he could not say everything that runs through his damn brain when the vampire is around.

“It’s cute, Bones,” Jim says. “You just worry too much. Especially considering you’re with me—“ He stops, and Leonard knows he was going to make a joke about his own prowess and all the other times they would have together, later, except they both know that right now?

It’s not true.

The world could be gone by tonight. Or it could still be here and they could be gone. Or any number of other haunting possibilities, and that’s why—that’s just why.

So they are both quiet as Jim positions himself, pulling one of Leonard’s legs over his shoulder so they are bent tightly together. He keeps one arm propped behind Leonard’s head, keeping him close as he presses the head of his cock to Leonard’s entrance, and pushes in. He moves with maddening slowness, centimeter by centimeter, until he’s completely sheathed.

That’s when he loses it: slips his control just for a second, game-face flashing. Leonard inhales when he sees it, and Jim looks horrified.

“Sorry! Oh God, Bones, I’m so sorry!” The vampire’s jaw clenches in concentration, and the facial ridges and gold eyes disappear. “I didn’t mean to—“

“Shh,” Leonard murmurs carefully. He doesn’t want a repeat of Jim’s angry self-loathing like when he had just gotten his soul back. “Shh. It’s okay. Show me.”

Jim looks at him hesitantly, as if he’s lost his mind, but then frowns stubbornly. His face morphs again, displaying the demon inside of him: the protrusions along his brow, tiny furrows along the slope of his nose, eyes a dark gold almost like topaz. Leonard runs his fingers down the ridges, a curious caress. “I love you, Jim. Even like this.”

Game-face melting away, Jim’s eyes are a clear, light blue, his features human and almost perfect in their imperfection—the little scar at his mouth, the tiny lines at his eyes, ghosts of freckles here and there. “God, Bones,” he repeats, and he starts moving again. They’re holding onto one another so tightly that both of their bodies are rocking, straining to get closer to one another.

For a few minutes, it’s all groans and grunts and sighs as they get used to each other—well, as Leonard gets used to Jim, anyway. Having a cock moving inside him is different than fingers—mostly because he knows it’s Jim’s cock, Jim fucking him, and oh God, sex is really the best thing ever

“Jim!” he cries out as his orgasm hits, come spurting hot across both of their stomachs as the vampire holds onto him.

“I’ve got you, don’t worry, I’ve got you, oh, Bones—oh!” Jim stops moving abruptly as his own climax hits. He’s caught in a half-arch of perfect stillness for a few seconds, before wilting into Leonard’s embrace. “Oh wow,” he mutters into Leonard’s neck.

“Pretty sure that should be my line, Jim.” He’s breathing hard, and he can feel an unaccustomed smile stretching across his features. He pauses, looking down at the vampire. “You’re not gonna lose your soul or anything, are you?”

Jim snorts. “Pfft. Just because it happened to one dumbass who pissed off some gypsies a few hundred years ago doesn’t mean anything. Besides, Angel’s just a weird legend anyway.”

“Huh.” Leonard inhales the scent of Jim—well, the scent of them, really, sweat and sex and heat—and drapes the blanket around them again. “And you don’t think you and me, or Nyota and Spock, will be legends some day?”

Jim peers up at him, and gives him a wide, wild grin. “Kid, if we make it through this, we’ll be a legend like the world hasn’t ever even seen.”

For the first time, Leonard starts to feel hope start up inside him again. “Yeah? Alright then. Let’s be legends.” And he kisses Jim hard, and Jim kisses him back, and Leonard thinks that if a vampire can love a human, anything’s possible.


Love is enough: though the world be a-waning…

Somewhere, Pavel and Hikaru are playing bumper cars…


Though the skies be too dark for dim eyes to discover
The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming there under…

Somewhere, Nyoa and Spock sit outside, holding hands in the grass…


Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder,
And this day draw a veil over all deeds passed over…

Somewhere, Khan sits in his office, his eyes closed, his expression confident…


Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter…

Somewhere, Gaila and Scotty kiss awkwardly, the way they’ve wanted to but haven’t quite dared…


The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter
These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover.

Jim’s body is long and lean. Leonard admires it after they’ve made love a second time. The vampire is compact: all dense muscle in wiry limbs. His pale skin is almost luminescent in the dim light of the room, with its thick drapes hiding them from the mid-day sun. Blonde hairs are lightly sprinkled over his chest, diminishing to a near-invisible peach fuzz across his taut abdominal muscles. A darker line of hair starts below his navel, helpfully leading downwards.

“What?” Jim’s voice is colored with tender laughter. “Again, Bones?” He feigns exhaustion, pulling one arm across his eyes. “I’m only one man!”

“Hush, you.” Leonard kisses him over the heart, and the vampire’s merriment dissipates into seriousness as he draws the human into an embrace, idly running his fingers through Leonard’s hair.

“It’s longer than I like,” he offers in gruff half-apology. He’s sure it’s fiercely ruffled in a severe case of bed-head.

Jim says nothing, just continues to card through it with his fingers. The motion is slow and steady, almost like a skull massage. If Leonard were a cat, he thinks with only a little embarrassment, he would be purring. “Are you sore?” the vampire asks after a while.

“A little,” Leonard admits, shifting slightly. It’s not an unpleasant feeling; he’s actually still suffused with a warm languor. His cock, still soft, twitches with interest at Jim’s implication. “I thought you said you were only one man?”

Jim says nothing, just gazes at him silently. His eyes are suspiciously bright. “What if I asked you to leave, Bones?” he asks abruptly. “Tonight. Get your Mom and get the first shuttle ticket to—some place else? Far away.”

Leonard stares at him.

“I’m just asking,” Jim says after a moment. “It—it was worth a try, at least.” The vampire gives him a fond, sad smile. “It was too much to hope you’d do what anyone else would do.”

Leonard feels like he should be offended, but he can’t quite manage it. Instead, he shrugs and kisses Jim again. “Well. I’m not anyone else. Idiot.”

“No,” the vampire agrees, eyes half-lidded. “You’re not.”

They make love one more time then, before they have to leave. It starts out slow, careful: savoring each little bit of each other. Every caress is a prayer, each touch an apologetic farewell.

And then the tenor of it changes: heats, almost to anger’s edge, in a furious duel. Jim comes unexpectedly, spurting past Leonard’s ear.

“Sorry,” he mutters, but when he stays hard after his orgasm he shrugs and rolls on another condom. He holds his second climax at bay until Leonard comes, too.

Afterwards they clean up, showering and putting on their clothes, wrinkled from the floor.

“You ready for this, kid?” Jim asks as they leave his apartment for the last time, taking the tunnels.

“Not remotely,” Leonard answers with grim honesty. “Let’s go.”


They arrive at the school a little after five. The others are already in the library, waiting. Ready.

“This is your last chance to check out,” Nyota warns them. “I wouldn’t mind if anyone forgot their way to the stadium, by the way.” She looks at them all regretfully. “Really.”

“Nyota, you’re sweet and adorable,” Gaila says lightly. “Now cut the crap and let’s get this thing done!”

Scotty turns to her, marveling. “You are perfect,” he says, his Scots brogue making the word sound like ‘pairfect.’

Gaila turns the color of ivy. “Well. Ditto,” she says quickly.

“Alright, gang,” Nyota says, shaking her head fondly. “Here we go.”

Jim faces Leonard, eyes searching his face. “Good luck, kiddo.” He gives him a ghost of a smile as he shakes his hand in leavetaking. “Be safe.”

Leonard gives him a grimace in return. It was meant to be—well, something else. “Yeah. You too,” he says roughly. The others are already starting to head out the doors, and he joins them. “Oh fuck it,” he mutters, and then turns around, runs back, and gives Jim one last kiss.

If he could put everything he had into this, everything he wishes he had said but doesn’t have time to say, everything he wants to do but couldn’t or wouldn’t, everything he is, it might almost be enough. But you can’t really do that with kisses, so instead it is lips on lips, flesh on flesh, sweat and unshed tears. That’s all it is and all it can be.

“Dammit, Jim,” Leonard mutters when it’s over, because that’s all he can think to say with the others watching. Jim’s hands grip his shoulders, hard, and then the vampire lets go.

“You’ve made up, then,” Spock observes calmly as the others stare.

“Shut up, Spock,” Leonard growls.


The school colors of Cochrane High are blue and gold. The boys wear dark navy gowns, the girls a bright yellow. They march in pairs from the front doors of the school across the long parking lot to the stadium, around the track, and then file into the dozens of chairs that are lined in neat rows before a dais. There are, Leonard notes with relief, remarkably few parents and family members in attendance. Hopefully that means their messages got out in time.

He earnestly prays that Mom listened to him, that she’s not out there, either.

“Welcome,” Principal Komack says into the microphone when they are all seated. He beams at them all, but he’s sweating heavily, and he seems strangely—nervous. “Welcome. This has been an, uh, exciting year for Cochrane High. So many—bright faces. Bright faces with bright futures ahead of them! Bright futures across the many worlds of the Federation!”

“Bright futures. Futures filled with sentence fragments,” Hikaru mutters under his breath. Those nearby giggle. “Sentence fragments that—okay, I really can’t do this anymore. Can’t we get this over with?”

“I zink he vants us to beg,” Pavel says next to him. He sounds horrified. “He is vinning.”

“The many worlds of the Federation, who will greet you as their own,” Komack continues. Khan stands up, tugging at his tunic in a business-like fashion to straighten it before walk to Komack and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“I believe,” Khan says in his rolling, measured tones, “that in the interests of time we should perhaps move the program along.” He smiles at the audience, who shift restlessly in response.

“Is it wrong I’m on ‘is side a wee bit now?” Scotty asks no one in particular.

Principal Komack stands aside, and Khan stands before the microphone. “My friends,” he says, smiling at them all, his eyes eagerly scanning the crowd, “this is a joyous day. We have each taken many paths to get here.”

Khan’s piercing gaze lands on Leonard, and he feels nauseous for a second before it moves along to the next victim.

“And yet, here we all are. A graduation is a unique thing. You will ever only have one high school graduation. You will only ever have one day like today. Oh!” He winces, and they all look up as, abruptly, the sky begins to darken. It looks like a storm is brewing as thick, ominous clouds roll rapidly across the sky. “A graduation is a kind of division, you see. It—it separates the—“ He’s panting now, clearly in pain. “—Strong from the—the weak. The worthy—from the unworthy. Agh!” He bends double as the cloud-cover grows heavier, turning the summer afternoon into twilight, and feebly grasps at the microphone. “As—you—will—see!”

Khan’s transformation is as immediate as it is startling. In vids there’s always a lengthy process during which a human becomes a werewolf or—y’know, whatever. But that’s what happens in vids. In real life, it seems, changes are virtually instantaneous: there’s a horrifically wet, ripping sound, and where once a man had been there stands a writhing demon. It is serpentine, adorned with tentacles and dripping tusks at its mouth.

“Nyota?” Leonard calls out uncertainly, but the Slayer is already standing on her chair. She holds her scythe in hand, the head of it gleaming like a banner.

“Everybody!” she yells, her voice ringing out clear and bright as a bell. “Ready--Now!

As one, the students of Cochrane High—the jocks and the chess players, the cheerleaders and the science team members—they all stand up, revealing their weapons and, in some cases, makeshift armor.

Spock is standing on his chair, too. “Flame brigade!” he commands calmly, and a half dozen students, led by Scotty, position themselves with make-shift flame-throwers before the others. “Fire!”

“Ye bet yer bleedin’ arse!” Scotty calls back, and then there’s a heavy roar of flame with the scents of smoke and ethanol.

“Ve hef company!” Pavel cries out, and Leonard whirls around to see about a dozen vampires advancing towards them in game-face.

“Bowmen!” Leonard yells hoarsely. “Ready!” He pulls out his own crossbow as Gaila does the same, and they flank the archery team together. “Now!”

A volley of arrows, many of them doused with more ethanol and lit, are loosed and hit the vampires. Many are dusted instantly; others run forward, attacking blindly, while others retreat. Leonard knows that Jim is waiting at the other end of the stadium with Cupcake and a dozen members of the football team, ready to take care of straggling vampires and demons, but he wishes he could see him.

“Second wave!” Spock’s voice is loud and cool over the growing din of the battle. Nyota and Pike must already be putting their own tactics into play.

Leonard grabs another arrow and takes aim. It’s going to be a long night.


Jim wields a stake in either hand. His division consisted of many of the hardier athletes: the football and rugby players, members of the wrestling and track teams. These were what passed for the melee contingent.

“Remember what I told you,” he growls as the vampires attack. Some of the students freeze like deer in headlights. “Keep moving!”

For a long time he just exults in the fight. After all, he is vampire; he exists in the fall of blood, the loss of life. It is, he thinks with more than a little bit of loathing, his nature.

“Kirk!” It’s the Slayer. She and Spock are dodging through the now labrynthine battlefield to get back to the main building, Khan in swift pursuit. “We could do with a little help here!”

He looks around; the students, hell, the fighters around him have things in hand. He follows without hesitation. Showtime.

He uses his supernatural strength and speed to quickly vault over segments of the stadium, bypassing most of the combatants as he makes his way to Nyota. This was, after all, his brilliant idea.

“I hope you know what you’re doing!” the Slayer yells as he catches up with her.

“So do I!” he calls back cheerfully. He leaps, throwing himself in Khan’s serpentine face. “Hey, ugly! You ready for this?” He grins wildly at the demon.

Khan pauses, anger clear in his green, tusked face.

“Oh, yeah,” Jim taunts, smirking. He twirls his stakes in his fingers. “I was wondering if you were still pissed off about that whole thing with your wife.”

“Kirk,” Nyota warns, appalled, but he knows what he’s doing. Well, he thinks he does; he definitely has Khan’s attention anyway.

“You want to see what’s left of her? Come right this way.” And then he’s running again, the demon in pursuit.

He only has minutes, he knows: maybe less than. He has to depend on Nyota, Spock, and Pike for the rest.

In another life, he would never have trusted them.

In this one? Well. Things have a funny way of working out.

He runs through the hallways of the school, running for the sanctuary of the library. He slams through the doors, vaults on a table, and jumps out the window just as Pike sets off the explosion.

Jim’s thrown to the ground with the force of it. He lays there, stunned for a few seconds; then manages to roll over. The school burns cheerily; somehow, this thought makes him laugh.


He stares, hardly able to believe it. Khan is man-shaped again, albeit a wraith of one. His skin is charred and burned, oozing horrifically.

“No. Fucking. Way.” Jim stares.

“I—am—the—strongest,” whatever is left of Khan maintains. He holds up what would be an arm, if it wasn’t shaped like a fin with claws attached. “You—are—not.”

“Yeah, whatev—agggh!” Jim cries out, stunned by both the pain and the speed which Khan had moved. His flesh is scored, and he can feel brutal, infectious heat already building as he falls to his knees.

“You—may have—killed me—but—I—returned—the—favor.” Khan’s smug voice trails off in death.

Jim wishes he could say something smartass back, he really does, but words seem beyond him at the moment. He makes an attempt to get up, stumbles a few feet, and falls back down. He starts to shiver with the heat, bloody sweat breaking out across his body.

He tries to call for help, but everything is darkness and silence.


After the massive explosion rocks through the campus, the vampires and demons know it’s a rout and begin their retreat. The fighters who still have the energy and will pick them off from behind; others are eager enough to call it done.

Leonard McCoy is one of the latter.

Like usual, there’s no sound of ambulances or firetrucks—there won’t be, not for a while, he’s sure. So he does what he can with the med kit strapped to his back: the tricorder and dermal regenerator, the rolls of gauze and tape for wounds he can’t mend on his own. For better or for worse, these are far and few between: either the damage done is light and easy to fix, or the person is gone already.

He’s eighteen, and he knows more about field medicine and combat wounds than any kid should, he thinks with only a little regret. After all, if he had never come to California, he would never have met—

He cuts off that line of thought firmly. Instead, Leonard focuses on the here and now, going from one familiar face to another.

Janice Rand has a broken arm and a series of bites along her shoulder. He uses the dermal regenerator first, then splints the arm as best as he can. “I’m not gonna—gonna become one of them, am I?” the cheerleader asks, her normally elaborate hair loose and dirty. For the first time he’s ever seen, she sounds—scared.

“Did you drink any of their blood?” Leonard wants to know, and she shakes her head. “Then you’ll be fine.” He squeezes the undamaged shoulder gently, and lets her go.

“So. You made it,” the burly boy he can only ever think of as Cupcake now says wearily. He looks tired, but whole.

“Yeah,” Leonard answers. “You, too. Look, have you seen any of—”

“Lost sight of the girls early on,” Cupcake says before he can finish. “The obnoxious blonde guy went in there, though.” He gestures in the direction of the now-roofless gym. The basketball court just beyond it is warped almost past recognition. Cupcake looks—regretful. “There’s no way—”

“There’s always a way,” Leonard mutters, pushing past him at a near-run.

“Good luck!” Cupcake yells behind him.

The whole area is a disaster: torn scaffolding and molten slag dot what passes for most of campus. After the fight, it is eerily silent, the only sound that of weakening structures and burning remnants.

“Jim?” Leonard stumbles through the smoky remains of what had been the basketball court. Something collapses nearby, but the only thing his ears really hear is a harsh groan. “Jim!”

The vampire lies on his back next to—next to something that had once been a demon but is now more or less a steaming morass of filth. His shirt is ripped, displaying a pale length of stomach marred by bloody grooves and scratches.

“Oh, Jesus,” Leonard mutters, fingers itching for his tricorder though of course he knows it’s all but useless with Jim. He wraps an arm around the vampire’s shoulders, about to hoist him to his feet. “C’mon, we’ve gotta get you outta here—“

Jim cries out harshly in pain and Leonard stops immediately. He’s never heard the vampire make a sound like that in his life, and it turns his guts to ice with fear.

“Bones!” Jim coughs, blood bubbling at his mouth. His blue eyes are glazed, struggling to focus on him. “Look—it’s—I don’t want you to see this, okay? It’ll—it’ll be better—”

Considering the destruction all around them, it really shouldn’t take Leonard as long as it does to cotton on to what Jim is about. “No, Jim, no!” He can feel wetness on his face, but his voice is surprisingly steady. “I’m not leavin’ you like this, not—not lookin’ all pathetic—” Jim laughs at that, and oh God, that makes it worse, Leonard’s eyes are so full of tears for a moment he can’t even see. “—so just take a deep breath and then I’m gonna pick you up and we’re gonna get out of here, dammit!”

“Bones,” Jim says with surprising gentleness, “look, the sun’s coming.” Leonard looks to the east, and sure enough there’s a growing line of gold on the horizon.

“Okay, we really don’t have much time, then. Come on, Jim!” But the vampire doesn’t move, and Leonard knows this is it. “Oh, God!”

“Listen, Bones,” Jim says, wheezing with effort as he speaks. “I don’t want you here to see this, okay? I want you—I want you to remember me—” He breaks off, because Leonard is laughing raggedly.

“Godammit, Jim, only your ego—” He sniffs, scrubbing his knuckles under his nose. “I’m not leavin’. Okay? I’m stayin’ with you. I’d never leave anyone by themselves now, but not—not you—”

“God, I love you, Bones.” Jim’s voice is warm with feeling. His blue eyes are all but shining in the growing light. “You know you were the best of—best of everything, ever, right? Two hundred and fifty years to you, and oh, man—” He breaks off again, and he starts to shiver. “Oh God, Bones, I’m so sorry we didn’t have enough time!”

Leonard leans close, pointlessly trying to protect the vampire’s body with his own as the dawn light creeps ever closer. Their lips meet; Jim’s mouth is coppery with blood, salty with his regrets. Abruptly, the vampire stiffens underneath him, and Leonard buries his face in Jim’s shoulder, trying to take him all in, just keep something of him for memory’s sake: the scent of cotton fabric, the feel of cool muscle under his cheek.

It’s a very long moment, somehow.

But gradually, Leonard becomes aware of a couple of different things. The sun’s heat is on his back, chasing away the cold chill inside of him, and Jim is there—and not writhing or steaming with pain. Jim is panting though, but not quite with pain—more like he’s run a marathon.

“Bones,” the vampire says between—between heavy breaths, “what’s happening?”

Leonard looks at him, staring, disbelieving. It can’t—there’s no way—

The vampire with a soul, once he fulfills his destiny, will shanshu. It is his reward.

“Jim?” The vampire’s skin is glowing slightly, wounds knitting and healing before his eyes. Jim doesn’t say anything, just gapes in shock, and Leonard scrabbles for his tricorder, trying to figure out what’s going on—

There’s a dim roar in his ears.

“Bones?” Jim’s voice is confused, bewilderment mixing with hope in the low light of early morning.

“You’ve got a heartbeat,” Leonard says in a surprisingly normal voice. “It’s a little fast, but, well, obviously—and you’ve got blood pressure—and, and, your body temperature is rising, but it’s stabilizing, and—and—” He can’t help it anymore, he looks up to meet Jim’s shocked gaze. “I—I think you did it, Jim. You saved the world, so—you’re human, now.”

The vampire—the man stares at him. He’s still dotted with blood and bruises, but his skin is pink and flushed with flowing blood. In the sun, his eyes are an astonishingly light blue. Somehow, that’s the thing that gets Leonard the most, seeing Jim in the sun. “Bones? Is this—real?”

“Real enough,” Leonard answers, and then he can’t help it, he kisses Jim and Jim kisses him back, and it’s warm and sweet and forever.


They stumble out of the ruins to find the others, just across the street. Emergency personnel have finally appeared in the early light, rolling out cautionary tape to keep the curious away. Leonard has one of Jim’s arms around his shoulders as they limp from the still smoldering remains of the school.

“Here,” says an EMT, hurrying over to them. “You boys okay?” He guides them to the back of an ambulance and starts running scans.

To Leonard’s surprise, Gaila and Scotty are there as well, both with oxygen masks over their faces. Their cheeks and hair are dark with soot and dirt.

“You made it!” Gaila cries out in relief, dropping her mask immediately to fling her arms around them. “I was worried, I thought—” She breaks off, staring at Jim, and then puts the oxygen mask back on, concentrating on breathing.

“We’re glad tae see ye,” Scotty says. “Pavel broke ‘is arm; ‘e’s been taken to the hospital. Hikaru’s lookin’ after ‘im, though ‘e’s none the worse for wear.”

“Nyota? Spock?” Leonard asks, but they shake their heads uncertainly. “Pike?”

“We don’t know,” Gaila says. “I lost track of them after the second wave.” She is quiet again.

“You’re good,” the EMT tells Jim.

“Thanks,” the vampire—the man—says shortly, slipping away from him impatiently. “The S—” Jim corrects himself hastily in front of the EMT, “Nyota and Spock, they must have at least made it to the library.”

“You kids want to tell me what the hell happened here last night?” the EMT continues, oblivious to their byplay.

At that, Gaila and Scotty go stock-still, eyes wide, looking just beyond them. Whatever they see, Jim sees it too, and he breaks into a wide grin. “Bones,” he says softly, and Leonard turns around.

There they are: Nyota, Spock, and Pike. The three of them look exhausted, and Nyota looks more than a bit shell-shocked, but the three of them are alive.

Leonard isn’t aware of when he started running, only that he is and that the others are right behind him. He and Gaila both have their arms around their Slayer in a grateful hug, and she’s hugging both of them back.

Jim and Spock are facing each other, nonplussed. The Vulcan is bruised, dried green blood marring his features.

“I confess I am puzzled to—see you here right now,” Spock admits, “but I find I am relieved, also.”

Jim grins and slaps the Vulcan on the back. “Told ya you’d get used to me,” he smirks.

Nyota releases Leonard and Gaila, giving them a small smile of relief. “I don’t even have words for you guys,” she says.

“Not even ‘fire bad, tree pretty’?” Galia suggests.

Nyota thinks for a minute. “No, definitely not,” she answers, and to Leonard’s dismay she starts to cry.

“Nyota?” he asks carefully, not sure what to make of it.

“It’s just—just—we’re all still here!” she says, and he can hear the astonished relief in her voice.

Jim catches Leonard’s eye. “Damn right we are. So,” he continues, tucking his hands into his pockets as they watch the activity around them, “you closed all the Hellmouths. What are you gonna do next?”

Nyota takes all of them in, and then gives them a bright smile in answer.


Three months later…

“Wow,” says Leonard. He stares, unable to take his eyes away from the sight before them.

“It’s incredible,” Gaila marvels.

“Aye,” Scotty agrees.

“Look at all of them,” Hikaru says, his voice wondering. “There’s so many!”

“And they haf no idea vhat is coming,” says Pavel.

“I’m over it,” Nyota says hurriedly, sounding sick. “This was a bad idea. Let’s go while we still can!”

Jim smirks at her. “Seriously, Slayer? If I’d known all it would take to scare you off was a first day admissions registration rush, I—would have totally done nothing,” he says in an entirely different voice as Spock and Leonard both glare at him. “Nope, not me.”

Spock touches one of Nyota’s hands lightly with his, and the two touch fingers in a Vulcan gesture of affection. “Fear not,” he says in a low voice. “You have earned your place here.” He favors their group with the tiniest flash of a smile. “We all have.”

Nyota beams back, taking a deep breath. “Starfleet Academy’s going to be a cakewalk after slayage, right?”

“A cakewalk?” Spock echoes blankly.

“I’ll explain later,” Leonard drawls. “C’mon, let’s get in line before they change their minds.”

The lines are more of a psychological test than anything, Leonard quickly decides. After all, they have their acceptances and track assignments already on their PADDs. Setting up dorm assignments and advising schedules should be a matter of a few electronic commands, instead of several hundred new cadets jockeying for position. But as they wait, it becomes clear that several black-clad instructors are keeping their eyes on the only partially organized group.

“I could have made this easy for you guys,” Gaila says after a while, bored. “I could have been in and out of the system before they even had a clue!”

“Yeah, but you swore an oath to only use your powers for good and not for evil, remember?” Nyota flashes her friend a grin.

“I didn’t,” Jim says, opening his PADD eagerly. “Let’s get this party—over before it’s begun.” He closes it down again as Nyota and Leonard both glare at him disapprovingly.

“Sorry, darlin’,” Leonard says, only partially meaning it. “You have to do this the human way now.”

“You mean the boring way,” Jim mock-sighs, but his eyes are very light and blue. “Don’t worry, I’ve heard about a lot of this Fleet stuff already.” He grins widely. “Who wants to be the first to win the Kobayashi Maru with me?”

Hikaru snorts. “I’ve heard about that—no one beats it!”

“Vhy not?” Pavel wants to know.

“I bet I could write a sub-routine,” Gaila says thoughtfully.

Nyota represses a groan. “These are my friends. We’re not even in Starfleet yet and they’re planning on taking it over.”

“Fascinating,” Spock says, sounding amused and not a little eager. “The next four years will undoubtedly be a challenge to both Starfleet Command as well as ourselves.”

“Four years?” Jim is opening his PADD again—just looking at class schedules this time though, thank God. “What are you talking about, man? We can all do it in three!”

“He has a point,” Nyota says to the Vulcan.

“I vonder if ve vill be on zhe same ship?” Pavel asks out loud.

“The Enterprise,” Jim and Nyota say at the same time. They stare at each other, bemused. “She’s the best,” Jim explains to Leonard.

“The universe is doomed,” Leonard says dryly, but he doesn’t really mean it. He looks at all his friends as they chat and bicker, and thinks about what they could all do out there in the black. If all the forces of Hell couldn’t stop them, what chances do Klingons and Romulans have?

“Gaila, what are you doing now?” Nyota is peering at something on the hacker’s screen.

“Nothing,” Gaila says innocently, passing the PADD to Jim, but Scotty is already chortling and Spock has an eyebrow raised.

Jim looks up at him. “Bones, come look at this,” the man says eagerly. “This is gonna be so epic!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Leonard drawls, but he takes his place at Jim’s side, the morning sun warm on them all, and wonders what adventures they’ll get into next.


Author Gratuitous Notes

The poem quoted in Part Eight is “Love is Enough” by William Morris.

And look, I liberated shamelessly from Joss. If that wasn’t patently obvious, promise me you’ll go watch Buffy now? Pretty please?


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May. 15th, 2011 03:46 am (UTC)
BB, this is awesome and amazing and a thousand other synonyms that would take too long to list here. :D I've said it before and I'll say it again: this is awesome and you are awesome.

Thanks for letting me tag along! <333
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OMG, this is amazing. I'd read the little snippets you posted previously and, while I haven't ever seen an entire episode of Buffy, I did watch several of Angel and this is just... It's great! (I've stayed up WAAAAAY past my bedtime to read this; forgive my incoherency.)

May. 15th, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
I take exhausted incoherency as a compliment! ;) Glad you liked it!
May. 15th, 2011 06:54 am (UTC)
So, yeah, I meant to be an A+ reader and faithfully comment on each section but . . . I COULDN'T STOP READING!!! Seriously. I resented the load time between each part. I have ignored my dog and he is now very cranky. I forgot that I am supposed to be sleeping.

this was AWESOME!!!! Buffy AND Star Trek. LOVE, Cait, LOVE!!!!!
May. 15th, 2011 12:56 pm (UTC)
*SQUISHES* I'm so glad you liked it, bb!!!!!!!!!!!
May. 15th, 2011 07:22 am (UTC)
Can I give you, like, a knighthood or something? This is fucking awesome! I love the way you got the essence of the Buffyverse, but populated it with the Trek characters and blended it all seamlessly. And Buffy being such a legendary character was...wait for it...legendary. :D You even included Axecalibur! I recognized it in the earlier chapter, but it just didn't occur to me that you'd, duh, use it. Most of all--YOU SHANSHUED JIM!!11!1! I ♥ YOU TO LITTLE BITTY PIECES! I would have been happy with him just getting a soul, but Shanshu. *high five*

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I don't...I don't even have the words to describe how much I enjoyed this. There was literal flailing going on. This story...perfect. I'm so glad I found this, haha. Thank you for writing this!
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*G* I'm glad you liked it so much!!!
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LOL, Glad you liked it. :)
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Oh I love how this played out hun :DDDD The mixture of the stories made it easy for me who's never seen Buffy before, but at the same time, seemed big and wonderful and awesome :DDDDDD

And I LOVE that everybody lives :D
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:D :D :D I'm so glad you liked it, bb, especially as a non-Buffy geek! *SQUISH*
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*squishes* My ego. So HUGE now!!!!! *flail* Glad you liked it, bb!!!!
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May. 15th, 2011 04:43 pm (UTC)
YOU GAVE ME JELLY BEANS!!!!!!! *bounces forever* And so much of it is due to you for your amazing amazing rendition of vampire!Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUGS YOU FOREVER AND EVER*
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May. 15th, 2011 02:58 pm (UTC)
This was wonderful. I've been reading all of your fic recently (hi new ST reboot convert :D) and I've always loved the way you seamlessly combine the realities your choose to mix, but this is by far one of my absolute favourites. As a die-hard Buffy fan in that I watched every single episode in every single season (yes even the Riley verse!), so to see you combine that with Star Trek literally made my weekend.

I loved all the little BtVS canon bits and how you incorporated them into the ST verse, from The Master to the Bronze, to Jim fighting for his soul to the epic showdown with the Mayor. AND THEN YOU GAVE US DELICIOUS VAMPIRE JIM. I literally finished this fic all in one go on the way to and from work and let me say, it made working on a Sunday worth it. Thank you for sharing :D ♥
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EEEEEE!!!!!!! So glad you liked it, bb!!!!
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Okay. Now I'll go back and actually read it.

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Oh, I loved this. Followed a link from...I think it was kirk_mccoy. :) And don't worry, Buffy owned me from "I can't believe you of all people are going to Scully me."

Very nice. Much enjoyed. Thank you!
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*G* Glad you liked it!!!!!!
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May. 15th, 2011 05:31 pm (UTC)
Oh, this was great fun to read! I spent most of the time on the edge of my seat. Very cool fusion, thanks for sharing. :D
May. 16th, 2011 01:10 am (UTC)
*G* Glad you liked it!!
May. 15th, 2011 05:51 pm (UTC)
outride th sun
Oh my god, that's absolutely fantastic. I couldn't stop reading, it was so amazing. The story and the banners also. :-) these two guys are absolutely gorgeous.
May. 16th, 2011 01:13 am (UTC)
Re: outride th sun
*G* Glad you liked it!!
May. 15th, 2011 06:15 pm (UTC)
How you managed to seamlessly blend the wonder and optimism of Star Trek with the snarky, doomed rat-a-tat-tat of Buffy is testament of a staggering talent that I am in awe of. Seriously, who can make Nyota sound so thoroughly like Buffy but keeping her 100% Nyota as well? Gorgeous stuff, babe, seriously, you kill me in all the best ways!
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*delighted squish* My ego, so HUGE now! *G* I'm glad you liked it, bb!!!!
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