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Went to dim sum in Chinatown with a friend this afternoon. While waiting had an interesting/first ever lucid conversation with a homeless guy who wanted to know what the straps on my bondage jeans were for. "Um, to look cool," I said. C'mon, it's my one (unfortunately) concession to fashion and whatever. I look forward to getting to wear these pants because they look neat and make me feel badass and (unlike some people *coff*) I don't get to dress cool for work.

Anyhow dim sum was very num as usual and afterwards went bumming around and ended up going to the art museum to snark at classical art. Cos classical art just isn't as much fun without measured mockery. I wish we'd kept a tally because there were an astonishing number of sculpture pieces involving dolphin abuse. There was a cupid fixing to brain one, and a "putto" "riding" one (they say riding, it looked like something else, Ionno), and there was one with a naked chick but I don't think the dolphin minded that as much. There were also a number of sculptures/paintings with girls reading and their boobs falling out of their dresses/togas/nothings because they were naked. Maybe I would would have more deep thoughts if I took to nude studying?? Sounds awful chilly though. And I'd worry about papercuts in awkward places, because I think like that.

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