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Meme - Fanfic Round-up

Stolen from tocourtdisaster .

Cut because long post is long.

The fic: (deep breath...oh gods, the fic...)

Common Grounds
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sexual content)
Word Count: 25,795
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy tries online dating. A story of coffee, printing, and the Internet.

Doctor Who?
Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Summary: A Halloween ficlet.

Problem Solved
Rating: G
Word Count: 529
Summary: Bones proves himself to be technologically competent.

Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Summary: Bones gets new glasses and feels like a dork. Jim disagrees with his assessment. Written for gadgetorious .

That Which They Defend
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Violence, Sex)
Word Count: 52,461
Pairing: Kirk/Eomer, Eomer/Lothiriel, Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Jim Kirk in Middle Earth: There, and back again.

A Moment
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,399
Summary: Kirk/Eomer. A PWP for gadgetorious who made this beautiful pic of Jim and Eomer and of Jim and Seren.

Stars in Shadow, Shimmering
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 2,169
Summary: Kirk/Éomer/Lothíriel. A PWP for suddenlyswept .

Where Now the Horse and the Rider
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,809
Summary: Kirk/Eomer. A H/C PWP.

Rating: PG/R (Language, mild sexual content)
Word count: 7,827
Summary: Sequel of sorts to Captain’s Log: Fathers and Sons. Leonard McCoy doesn’t think about a lot of things, most of all Jim Kirk.

Many Happy Returns
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 2,915
Summary: Leonard McCoy spends his twenty-ninth birthday at the Academy, with Jim.

A Field Theory of James Kirk or, Five Things Leonard McCoy Learned About Jim, and One Thing Jim Always Knew About Bones
Rating: PG/R (Language, very very mild sexual content)
Word Count: 4,614
Summary: Pretty much what the title says.

No Orlando, I
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sexual content)
Word Count: 18,116
Summary: Genderswap, non-AU. Jim is a woman, she just hasn’t always been a woman. But she is still Jim.

Rating: R (mild sexual content)
Word count: 704
Summary: Comment-fic for jim_and_bones. Jim and Bones go skinnydipping.

The Best Day
Rating: PG (rated for shmoop)
Word Count: 4,324
Summary: Joanna McCoy knows that being thirteen? Really sucks. Luckily her Uncle Jim is determined to cheer her up.

For Future Reference
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,018
Summary:Comment Fic for KARLY-Bear Birthday Weekend. Self-insertion fic.

The Virtues of Caffeine
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,816
Summary: Leonard McCoy is grumpy when he doesn't get his caffeine. Jim makes sure he has some.

Someday Came Today
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,153
Summary: Comment Fic for lindmere 's Fast Forward Theater of Small Town Saturday Night.

A Helping Hand
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,738
Summary: Warning: In case erection lasts longer than four hours, see medical personnel immediately.

Trepidation of the Spheres
Rating: R (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 6,685
Summary: A Valediction Forbidding Mourning: “If they be two, they are two so / As stiff twin compasses are two.”

All Our Scattered Leaves
Rating: R (Language, Character Death)
Word Count: 2,714
Summary: “I will follow you into the dark.” Sequel to Trepidation of the Spheres.

Lost in Translation
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,693
Summary: Jim is not going to let Bones’s broken translator get in the way of his friend getting laid. A non-PWP for gadgetorious .

The Wrong Shirt
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 4,410
Summary: AU. Jim Kirk is a doctor. Bones McCoy is a soldier. A non-PWP for gadgetorious .

Once Shot, Twice Shy
Rating: R (Language, Some Sexual Content)
Word Count: 7,072
Summary: X-over with Hercules/Xena. Bones said his wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce. That turns out to mean a whole lot more than Jim Kirk ever expected.
reena_jenkins made an awesome podfic version, downloadable here.

Something To Hold On To
Rating: PG (Language, Mild Sexual Content)
Word Count: 5,352
Summary: AU. Leonard McCoy is a doctor, Jim Kirk is--something else. He's not sure what. Neither is the government.

True Love's First Kiss
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 8.743
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy doesn’t believe in true love. Jim Kirk has been waiting for it his whole life. A STXI/Enchanted mash-up. Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura
reena_jenkins made an awesome podfic version, downloadable here.

Subject and Degree
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 5,807
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy enrolls in Professor Kirk’s Seminar on Metaphysical Poets. The class isn’t what he’s expecting, in a number of ways. Written for blue_jack .

Love As Thou Wilt
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 13,432
Summary: AU. Jim Kirk nó Pike is a broken hero. Leonard McCoy is an adept of Balm House, trained in healing. What the two of them find together, neither ever expected. An STXI mashup with Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series. Written for blue_jack .

Rating: G
Word Count: 161
Summary: XI/Firefly. Jim vs. The Operative.

Of Head Wounds and Horses
Rating: G
Word Count: 391
Summary: XI/LOTR. Jim and Bones in Arda.

The Morals of Defying Physics
Rating: PG
Word Count: 287
Summary: XI/Firefly. Scotty/Kaylee.

Bad Ideas
Rating: G
Word Count: 220
Summary: Kirk/McCoy.

Bad Odds and Sex Pollen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 170
Summary: Cupid!Bones/Kirk. Sequel-let to Once Shot, Twice Shy

Even Angels Fall
Rating: G
Word Count: 709
Summary: AU. A Christmas miracle for the boys, written for avictoriangirl . X-over of sorts with Supernatural.

Gao Guhn
Rating: PG
Word Count: 831
Summary: Star Trek/Firefly x-over. Captain and Captain. Written for mallorypen 's birthday.

Fei Hua
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,767
Summary: Star Trek/Firefly x-over. Jim Kirk and Simon Tam. They have words. Sequel to Gao Guhn.

Da Bianhua
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,543
Summary: Star Trek/Firefly x-over. Jim Kirk versus the Operative. Sequel to Gao Guhn and Fei Hua.

The Thousandth Interview
Rating: G
Word Count: 383
Summary: A press conference. The boys. What could happen?

The Conversation
Rating: G
Word Count: ~250
Summary: Comment-fic for jim_and_bones . Leonard comms Jocelyn with some surprising news.

The commentary: (oh gods, the commentary...):

This year I wrote and posted:

Over 190k words. WTF, self?

Overall Thoughts:

I wrote a lot. I feel slightly ashamed. Also, I don't think I could live without a lot of the people I've met through fandom, including but not limited to: gadgetorious, blue_jack, suddenlyswept, mallorypen, and tocourtdisaster. I <3 you guys so fucking much.

Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?

Are you kidding? I wrote more this year than EVER in my LIFE.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January?

Well by January I was firmly in reading AOS and Kirk/McCoy, but I didn't start writing until April. And then I could barely stop.

What's your own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?

That Which They Defend. Hands. Down. I am ridiculously, ridiculously proud of that story.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Hmm. I'm not sure what that means, to be honest. Technically posting anything is a risk, because you're putting part of your frikking soul up for other people, and yet--people can be nice sometimes. Unbelievably so, even. And you learn not to be afraid, and then you just focus on the story, and that's what matters, I guess.

From my past year of writing, what was....

My best story of this year:

I'd probably say Common Grounds because it was probably the first story where I started to really find my voice, and it also resonated with a lot of people, it seems like. Which I think is really funny because, y'know, it's about as un-Trekky as you can get in some ways--it's about communication and geeking, and yeah. Go figure.

My most popular story of this year:

Either Common Grounds or That Which They Defend.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

No Orlando, I, hands down. It's mostly porn (it was my first time WRITING porn!), and its me at my angry!feminist!best! punching holes in a pet-peeve genre of mine, the girl!Kirk genderswap.

Most fun story to write:

Hmm. Probably Once Shot, Twice Shy--I knocked it out over a weekend, and had ridiculous amounts of fun trying to channel the Herc/Xena characters that I had once loved so much. And of course I had to watch a couple of eps for, er, research.

Story with the single sexiest moment:

The bit in Love As Thou Wilt where Leonard shows Jim his tattoo, or what there is of it, and Jim, er, comforts him. I was ridiculously proud of getting the mood for that scene.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:

Hmm. Y'know, I'm tame. But possibly when I was doing drafts for The Wrong Shirt with blue_jack as my beta, and I'm trying to make the sex scene kinky and just failing. And she was like, "just make it sweet" and I was like "I can do ZAT" and yeah. (And I'm not EVEN getting into my struggled with trying to do PWPs, because my inability has been discussed at length EVERYWHERE.)

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters:

It's a WIP, but it's my dark!Tarsus!fic o' doom, tentatively titled "The Devil's Arithmatic." I've put it down several times because I have to go to a dark place in my own head to work on it, but basically you get to see the very real differences between Jim and Bones in that story. Bones is a pacifist at heart, and he doesn't want to hurt people--he doesn't want to commit violence even when it will save those he loves. Whereas Jim's whole being is to survive and to protect as many as he can. And when those two things clash...when you have to go to what is unambiguously a gray moral place...it gets ugly so. Damn. Fast.

Hardest story to write:

In some ways it was That Which They Defend because that story made me angst so much, and I spent so much time researching Tolkien and language books and things because I wanted to get everything right. I spent several hours one night just looking for Japanese poems, preferably by Samurais, so that Sulu could quote something to Jim. And I sat through the LOTR films over and over while writing so I could get the cadence and vocabulary of the dialogue right, and then I angsted about Lothiriel because she was soooo necessary to the story and I was absolutely TERRIFIED of making her a Mary Sue. And even when it was done I sat and tweaked and fretted for weeks until my posting date, and I swear I've never been so relieved as when I was able to get it up and done. And on the other hand, I loved every minute of working on it, getting completely absorbed into the world and falling ridiculously in love with Jim and Eomer, and now feeling so ROBBED that there is less Rohan/Eomer centric stuff out there. (Yeah, the elves are great and all, and yaaay boys of Gondor, but EOMER, man! HORSELORD! COME ON!!!)

Biggest Disappointment:

Not a disappointment, say, but more of a confusion? I get lots of bookmarks but not that many recs on reccing sites. IDK. Also, only 10% ish of readers comment? Tsk tsk! ;)

Biggest Surprise:

I mentioned the response to Common Grounds, already. Yeah. Dude.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story:

Common Grounds. That was the story that prompted one of my friends to remark "Y'know, Jim Kirk is your Mary Sue." And I suppose it's more or less telling that that's one I want to rewrite into original fic, and make that world immersive for others, and yeah.

Fic-writing goals for 2011:
1. Write less fanfic, more original fic. suddenlyswept said she'd help keep me honest there.
2. Finish at least the WIPS I've promised people.
3. Rewrite TWTD and CG.


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Dec. 30th, 2010 03:05 am (UTC)
I have nothing to say that I haven't already, but some of it might bear repeating: <3
Dec. 30th, 2010 06:00 am (UTC)
Dec. 30th, 2010 05:10 am (UTC)
I love this little (big?) glimpse into your mind. I'm always super fascinated by why people write and how they feel about what they've written. (God, I miss my college workshops so bad sometimes...)

Also: <3333
Dec. 30th, 2010 06:01 am (UTC)
I'm with you 100% on that--hell, more if it were mathematically possible. Writing is such an interesting thing cos it's such an interior experience, like reading is.
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