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No more fear

I'd say what you should do is probably make all the fucking mistakes that you are capable of. Don't make too many mistakes where it matters, but don't be afraid to try anything. Don't be afraid of failure, don't be afraid of trying. And if you do fail, nobody likes to fail so you probably won't either, but if you do fail that'll probably just give you the incentive – not to not try that thing again, but you'll have some idea of how next time, you could perhaps do it, and succeed. --Alan Moore

I had something like an epiphany this afternoon. I've always been a creature of fear, except since I had the bejesus and the shit torn out of me back in January I don't have much left, I've already been to hell and why should I worry about it?

So I was looking at this job call for someone to go to the Rwanda war crimes tribunal and order their records and what not, and I don't have the years under my belt yet, but if something like that comes up again I can do why shouldn't I? I was too scared to go to Iraq, and I had to finish school (heh, some GOP excuse huh), but if the opportunity comes up why not?

Okay I need to stop with the rhetorical questions and crap. So I basically decided I'm going to work seriously on rearranging my life to live the way I want to. So this includes the possibility of moving up on arrangements for getting my tattoo and stuff like that.

That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

And what's the worst that can happen. Been there, done that, making the book. There ya go then.

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