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Why that was *today*?

It's not that I'm cynical, it's just that I think St. V's should be celebrated more in the style of Guy Fawkes, with bonfires and burning effigies. C'mon, you know it would be way better.

Am avoiding the whole thing, surprising, as I was awake all of last night (basically until 7am) with horrible stomach cramps due to questionable takeout choices. As pity because up until then yesterday was way fun.

I went with Paula, Lucy, Darryl, and her roommate Tammy to Columbia. We saw Pooh's Heffalump Movie which despite the songs and English accents (and the fact that Eeyore was ignored most of the film--seriously, he enters out of NO WHERE in the beginning because clearly someone only just remembered him, and he is NO WHERE at the end--fucking donkey-racists) I consider an extended metaphor for UN-Middle East relations. Seriously. Insert "Iranian" for "Heffalump" and there ya go.

Afterwards there was mallratting and lunch. I got two new Mediator books (I'm putting off buying the sixth because I know I'll have to wait months for the next...*sigh*) and saw a truly awesomely pair of cute bondage jeans at Hot Topic which I didn't buy mostly because I am trying to find them cheaper online (without success, btw). Well that and the fact I should probably not spend much money on garments I have no place to wear anytime soon but they are seriously cute.

Then Darryl remembered that cheetah cubs were on display at the zoo so we zipped into DC to admire adorable cheetah babies. We also saw pygmy hippopattami, giraffs, a maned wolf that looked like a fox on stilts, pandas, an emu, and a cute baby elephant and its obsessive-compulsive parent.

So all in all it was a nice change from the inventory fun that was Saturday. On plus side I finished it and even typed it all up, so go me!

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