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Conference Update

So registered for the conference this am.

*I wasn't on the addendum sheet.
*My name was misspelled on my conference tag.
*I didn't get a banquet ticket.

Candy: What HAPPENED to you?
Me: I...don't know? This is like making up for all the talks that went awesome over the summer??

SO. The F&H organizer was right there on the spot and things were mostly fixed quickly--she at least told me when my talk will be--Saturday at 8:30, which bleh, BUT it doesn't conflict with the Trek talks, so yay.

So I have obtained caffeine and have my 'puter, so things are looking up. I have a headache and am still kinda retarded though. I was hoping to work on my article but I'm just kind of worn down and irritated. /grump I will work on fic instead. *cheers up at thought*

Stay tuned!!

ETA: Had Hilariously Awkward talk with my awol area chair. So apparently the oopsy according to him? He got me and Candy confused. Cos, you know, TWO PEOPLE from the same institution and all. (That TOTALLY explains never answering emails. Totes.)

Also, here's a pic of me with the conference badge of doom. Seriously, when I get get home I think I'm going to put a Scarlet Letter in it or something for kicks:



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Nov. 11th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
::hugs:: Did they spell it "Kate?"

Ooh. Fic. Kinda hard to see the bad here. *_*
Nov. 11th, 2010 08:05 pm (UTC)
No, they misspelled my LAST name. A simple thing--they just dropped the last letter so it was Coke instead of Coker. So I had to wait for them to print a new one. I am soooooooo glad I brought my lucky conference tshirt for my talk, that is all!!
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