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Sticking it to 'em!

Well McKeldin officially coughed up the "lost" book today and I am totally in the clear sans fines or anything. Not that they deigned to let me know any of this, just being the git I am I kept checking my online accounts and stuff. Sure enough, the book disappeared from my account and reappeared On Shelf. Ha ha.

Checked out Fast Food Nation after finishing another Dick biography. There was a funny note someone had stuck in the book saying, well, I'm just going to type it here:

"Recalling a
book is
Next time please
order it from
another library, or
suck it up and
buy it at a store."

Oh that's so funny, I've been giggling all afternoon. (Yes my sense of humor is warped, how didja know?) I wonder how long that note had been there and if the person who recalled it laughed as hard as I did or even saw the note? It's interesting it was even still there as the book has just come from the bindery from being repaired. Anyhoo.

Two interesting geek facts learned today:

1) From that book, of all places, Cheyenne Mountain is a real gov facility in Colorado. Go figure! It's mentioned because every night they order Domino's Delivery. (Teal'c got hungry I reckon.)

2) From class, guest lecturer and former journalist Ira Chinoy, that for about twenty years the CIA (or somebody in the US gov) really did have a Stargate program! It was part of this whole Cold War paranormal scheme to get psychics to visualize stuff behind enemy lines or something.

Am I not easily entertained? :)

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