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It's Worth It, Right?

Looooong day at school. My partner for 750 skipped out again and the prof had a mini-conference with me during break about her, cos now our team is lagging behind the rest of the class on the Dialog problem sets, and yeah life's a bitch. So I'm having to schedule an observatory session with the TA who can watch us but not really help. Point? Please.

On top of that still working on the encoding for 708 which is still a bitch. On the plus side one member did some genealogical research on the people whose Civil War letters we're putting online, and it turns out not only did our guy survive the war but he later became the Inspector General of New Jersey and he and his wife lived well into the 20th C. (dying in 1918 and 1920 respectively).

Another cool note is after ages of looking I have finally found copies of the Books of Faerie: Molly's Story which DC stupidly refuses to put into graphic novel format--along with some other Books of Magic stuff. Grr argh. It's not my fault I found the series after it was done, and okay it's sequel too, but still it rocks! Not quite as hard as when Gaiman was writing it, but pretty damn hard!

Oh and Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars finally started last night! After over a year and a half of waiting WE FINALLY FOUND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!! Am I still bitter over that little "to be continued" stunt they pulled? Fuckin' A I am! Still it's funny, you get used to the old way where they took their time with all the stories, and now it's like with the miniseries, "Whoa, stuff is happening!

Ah well, that stuff makes things better. Still I'll be SO glad when this semester is over. Of course then I have to deal with the NEXT semester, and then the REAL world (envy to my friend who wants to do the phd thing--but a phd in LS/Archives makes my eyes bleed in the exceedingly unfun way)...


So it IS worth it? Right? Right?

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