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Slept in this morning and spent most of afternoon reading. I finished Sam Fuller's autobiography, A Third Face, and am stll pretty blown away by everything that guy did. I mean, wow. By the time he was my age he'd been a crime reporter for ages and had moved to Hollywood to ghostwrite novels as well as his own stuff. Holy fuck! Really puts you in your place. And then he was friends with people like Ford, Marilyn Monrow, Godard, Truffaut...and knew absolute loads of other people. And then in his friggin 80s/90s hanging out with his neighbor Quentin Tarantino and going on trips to South America with Jim Jarmusch and playing word association on camera for Tim Robbins. And that's not even counting the movies he made, the concentration camps he liberated, and just everything. Damn.

Spent more of afternoon working on my inventory of Weber's stuff. I have no idea what most of it means but it looks impressive. Oy. Physics.

Talked to Andrew briefly also. More drama. At least he's been catching up on Firefly, something I wish I could do. *said the girl who slept through the whole Battle of Pelennor Fields*

Jim's had some drama of his own and much support and *SQUISHES* for him.

According to my LOTR calendar today is Waitangi Day in New Zealand. According to this page it commemorates the peace treaties made between the Brits and the Maori in the 1840s. Like The Road to El Dorado it's probably the friendly face of colonialist oppression. Cheerful.

I'm trying to decide whether to read or write. I feel like I should be constructive but I'm not in the mood. I took a nap this afternoon and had lots of weird dreams, including one where I may or may not have woken up because I "heard" people trying to wake me up. Y'know what, dreams suck! And that's not even touching on the uglier ones. Ick.

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