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Beware the Brazilians!

The Americana concert went off largely without a hitch, though I did learn that Paula knew the word "fuck." Who knew, really?

Spent better part of prep-time and reception guarding the food from the neighboring Latin American Conference of the Military Dictatorships of Brazil (wtf?) who kept coming by wanting to know if the food was for them. They did not seem pleased to hear "no" and finally the NARA coordinator said they could help themselves if they made a contribution to SAM. I don't know how much if any we got in contributions from them but they ate pretty much everything.

Afterwards I went out with the gang and had my first Indian dinner (it said butter chicken, though I didn't see any butter and it was their word on whether chicken was actually involved, though the samosas and the bread were nummy). Apparently during the meal I was stared at with unnerving intensity by people at a nearby table, which really freaked out Darryl and Scott who were near me and observed it. I of course was totally oblivious. Darryl said she was going to up and ask them what their problem was but they left after a while. I am bewildered by the thing. Ah well.

Was invited out for dancing by Jenny and Keith--they were going to Nation but I was way tired. However next Friday it looks like there may be an outing to Baltimore to hear someone play at a bar: nifty. I guess that means I'll have to be extra good about getting my encoding done, huh?

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