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Big Saturday Night

Finished White Noise and was underwhelmed. Apocalyptic was done better by Crowley, existential dread by Doctorow, and consumerist parody by Dick. Is it so consummate because it is inherently 80s, like Generation X?

Went to Archives and got a fair amount done, if not as much as I wanted: 2 and a half out of six boxes inventoried. I was slowed down by insane amounts of restricted material that had to be flagged. People, please note in the event of your untimely death, do not leave lots of papers around talking about yours and other peoples' salaries or lots of slips of paper with your SSN on them. I'm just saying.

Also spoke with Andrew briefly and maybe some Big Questions will be Answered. Well that and/or more drama. He wants a time machine. I want telepathy. Is that the true key to the differences of the sexes?

Also seems more likely than I had thought that some sort of get-together will happen next weekend in terms of a girls' night--more politically/emotionally/something correct than a "Love Sucks" party apparently. I rather like the idea of a Love Sucks party as it is not only very straightforward but much more likely to contain fatty foods and alcohol, both of which I crave.

Another goal to have before I die: live some place with good deliverable Chinese, or at least in a neighborhood with a good Chinese restaurant nearby.

I really don't ask for much, do I? Telepathy and Chinese? Uh huh.

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