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Geeker Joy!!

So today was good. My talk went quite well--I had a number of questions and people came up to talk to me afterwards, including one woman who wanted to know if I was the same person who had recently published a book chapter on Dollhouse. I told her I was, and she was all, "OMG I used a quote from your article in the talk I'm giving this afternoon!" Which, y'know, HEE! So I went to her talk this afternoon and after the quote she was all "And I actually got to meet Cait after her talk this morning and that was really neat!" And throughout the day people kept coming up to me commenting on how they enjoyed my paper this morning, which, y'know, WHOA. And I honestly didn't think it was that awesome of a paper, since, um, most of it got Monday and Tuesday, and hey, maybe since it's a small conference people say "I like your paper" to make small talk, but STILL!

Anyhow, I skipped the thing tonight cos I'm still just mentally and physically exhausted from the last few weeks, plus the surroundings are questionable enough for me to not feel too comfortable trying to get back to the hotel by myself this evening. (Seriously, conference organizers, why not pick a nice area to have people come to?) So I'm chilling in my hotel room and can hopefully catch up on sleep tonight.


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