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[sticky post] Fic Master Post

All Star Trek stories are Kirk/McCoy unless otherwise stated.
All Avengers stories are Steve/Tony unless otherwise stated.

The Fan Girl's Prayer

Gene Roddenberry, who art in heaven, Great Bird be thy name.
Thy stories come, thy slash be done, on screen as it is in fic.
Give us this day our daily buttsechs,
And forgive us our flames
As we forgive those who flame against us.
Lead us not into George Lucas,
For thine is the dialogue, the plot and the acting
Forever and ever.


Common Grounds
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sexual content)
Word Count: 25,795
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy tries online dating. A story of coffee, printing, and the Internet.

gadgetorious made gorgeous cover art and also wrote a porny sequel to this fic entitled The Picnic.

Doctor Who?
Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Summary: A Halloween ficlet.

Problem Solved
Rating: G
Word Count: 529
Summary: Bones proves himself to be technologically competent.

Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Summary: Bones gets new glasses and feels like a dork. Jim disagrees with his assessment. Written for gadgetorious.

The Birthday Surprise
Rating: G
Word Count: 2,039
Summary: The first time Joanna McCoy meets David Marcus. A ficlet written for tocourtdisaster.

On the Threshold of Those Days
Rating: PG
Word Count, 6,600
Summary: Joanna and Winona, three moments.. Written for tocourtdisaster.

Bookshop Crack
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,440
Summary: Steve and Tony have an eventful afternoon at The Common Reader.

The Ring!Verse
A series of connected crossovers with The Lord of the Rings.

That Which They Defend
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Violence, Sex)
Word Count: 52,461
Pairing: Kirk/Eomer, Eomer/Lothiriel, Kirk/McCoy
Summary: Jim Kirk in Middle Earth: There, and back again.

A Moment
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,399
Summary: Kirk/Eomer. A PWP for gadgetorious who made this beautiful pic of Jim and Eomer and of Jim and Seren.

Stars in Shadow, Shimmering
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 2,169
Summary: Kirk/Éomer/Lothíriel. A PWP for suddenlyswept.

Where Now the Horse and the Rider
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,809
Summary: Kirk/Eomer. A H/C PWP.

All That Is, Was, Could Be
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,393
Summary: Kirk/Eomer. A missing scene for suddenlyswept.

The Log!Verse:

In roughly chronological order:

Captain's Log: Fathers and Sons
Rating: PG (Language, discussion of sexuality)
Word count: 4,680
Summary: Kirk writes about his life in his personal journal. My attempt to reconcile TOS canon with the reboot.

Rating: PG/R (Language, mild sexual content)
Word count: 7,827
Summary: Sequel of sorts to Captain’s Log: Fathers and Sons. Leonard McCoy doesn’t think about a lot of things, most of all Jim Kirk.

Many Happy Returns
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 2,915
Summary: Leonard McCoy spends his twenty-ninth birthday at the Academy, with Jim.

A Field Theory of James Kirk or, Five Things Leonard McCoy Learned About Jim, and One Thing Jim Always Knew About Bones
Rating: PG/R (Language, very very mild sexual content)
Word Count: 4,614
Summary: Pretty much what the title says.

No Orlando, I
Rating: NC-17 (Explicit sexual content)
Word Count: 18,116
Summary: Genderswap, non-AU. Jim is a woman, she just hasn’t always been a woman. But she is still Jim.

Rating: R (mild sexual content)
Word count: 704
Summary: Comment-fic for jim_and_bones. Jim and Bones go skinnydipping.

The Best Day
Rating: PG (rated for shmoop)
Word Count: 4,324
Summary: Joanna McCoy knows that being thirteen? Really sucks. Luckily her Uncle Jim is determined to cheer her up.

First Rule of Flyin' 'verse

Mal: "Ain't all buttons and charts, little albatross. Know what the first rule of flying is? Well I s'pose you do, since you already know what I'm 'bout to say."

River: "I do. But I like to hear you say it."

Mal: "Love. Can know all the math in the 'verse but take a boat in the air that you don't love? She'll shake you off just as sure as a turn in the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughtta fall down...tell you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens...makes her a home."


And lookit what avictoriangirl made!!!!!

Gao Guhn
Rating: PG
Word Count: 831
Summary: Captain and Captain. Written for mallorypen's birthday.

Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,284
Summary: Jim and River dance.

Fei Hua
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,767
Summary: Jim Kirk and Simon Tam. They have words.

Da Bianhua
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,543
Summary: Jim Kirk versus the Operative.

Haojiu Bujian
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 620
Summary: Kirk and McCoy reunite.

Ju Ran
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 376
Summary: Kirk. River. Prison break.

Other Fic:

Outride the Sun
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex, Violence)
Word Count: 56,356
Summary: Being seventeen sucks. So does moving to a Hellmouth, discovering the girl of your dreams is a Slayer and that you just might be in love with a vampire. Or, How Leonard McCoy Got a Stake, Got a Life, and Got Laid. A BTVS/Trek XI mash-up/crossover.

For Future Reference
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,018
Summary:Comment Fic for KARLY-Bear Birthday Weekend. Self-insertion fic.

The Virtues of Caffeine
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,816
Summary: Leonard McCoy is grumpy when he doesn't get his caffeine. Jim makes sure he has some.

Someday Came Today
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 1,153
Summary: Comment Fic for lindmere's Fast Forward Theater of Small Town Saturday Night.

A Helping Hand
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,738
Summary: Warning: In case erection lasts longer than four hours, see medical personnel immediately.

Trepidation of the Spheres
Rating: R (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 6,685
Summary: A Valediction Forbidding Mourning: “If they be two, they are two so / As stiff twin compasses are two.”

All Our Scattered Leaves
Rating: R (Language, Character Death)
Word Count: 2,714
Summary: “I will follow you into the dark.” Sequel to Trepidation of the Spheres.

Lost in Translation
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 1,693
Summary: Jim is not going to let Bones’s broken translator get in the way of his friend getting laid. A non-PWP for gadgetorious.

The Wrong Shirt
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 4,410
Summary: AU. Jim Kirk is a doctor. Bones McCoy is a soldier. A non-PWP for gadgetorious.

Once Shot, Twice Shy
Rating: R (Language, Some Sexual Content)
Word Count: 7,072
Summary: X-over with Hercules/Xena. Bones said his wife took the whole damn planet in the divorce. That turns out to mean a whole lot more than Jim Kirk ever expected.
reena_jenkins made an awesome podfic version, downloadable here.

Something To Hold On To
Rating: PG (Language, Mild Sexual Content)
Word Count: 5,352
Summary: AU. Leonard McCoy is a doctor, Jim Kirk is--something else. He's not sure what. Neither is the government.

True Love's First Kiss
Rating: PG (language)
Word Count: 8.743
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy doesn’t believe in true love. Jim Kirk has been waiting for it his whole life. A STXI/Enchanted mash-up. Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura
reena_jenkins made an awesome podfic version, downloadable here.

Subject and Degree
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 5,807
Summary: Modern day AU. Leonard McCoy enrolls in Professor Kirk’s Seminar on Metaphysical Poets. The class isn’t what he’s expecting, in a number of ways. Written for blue_jack.

Build In Sonnets
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 7,583
Summary: AU. You can’t always go home again. Or, sometimes, you can. Sequel to Subject and Degree. Written for avictoriangirl.

Love As Thou Wilt
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 13,432
Summary: AU. Jim Kirk nó Pike is a broken hero. Leonard McCoy is an adept of Balm House, trained in healing. What the two of them find together, neither ever expected. An STXI mashup with Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series. Written for blue_jack.

And Anemones Bloomed
Rating: R (Sexual content)
Word Count: 6,826
Summary: Sequel of sorts to Love As Thou Wilt. Or, the story of Miramanee, daughter of Goro, and Samuel Kirok.

Heaven is Bloodless
Rating: NC-17 (Sex and Violence)
Word Count: 53,126
Summary: Summary: AU. Slowly recovering from past tragedy, Jim Kirk nó Pike decides to venture to Terra Nova in search of something like peace. Where else would Leonard McCoy nó Balm be but at his side? An STXI mashup with Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy series.

avictoriangirl made this amazing banner:

Displaying heaven_is_bloodless.png

Even Angels Fall
Rating: NC-17 (Language, Sex)
Word Count: 5,718
Summary: AU. A Christmas miracle for the boys, written for avictoriangirl.

Message Waiting!
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Word Count: 10,331
Summary: When Jim and Leonard are given separate assignments, neither of them are thrilled. Jim in particular has a bad plan to fix it, if he can only get Leonard to agree… For the Sweethearts challenge at jim_and_bones, Prompt #46 “Email Me.” Bones POV.

Keep the Door Open
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 2,446
Summary: Just because Jim Kirk could never stop fighting doesn't mean Leonard McCoy never stopped hoping. A Supernatural mash-up.

"We're On Fire Now" (Love is Parenthetical)
Rating: PG (Language)
Word Count: 2294
Summary: This day has been a long one in coming. Too bad Leonard didn’t know about it.

The Drowned and the Saved
Rating: PG (Language, Violence,)
Word Count: 7521
Summary: A Documentary History of the Tarsus IV Disaster. Can be read as TOS or Reboot; Gen.

(‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, and) All Through the Snowglobe...
Word Count: 12,452
Summary: It’s holiday season on the Yorktown as the crew waits for the Enterprise’s refits. Unfortunately, amid crises personal and professional, there’s a lot less mistletoe and good cheer and a lot more...explosions, fistfights, and drama. Jim Kirk and his crew have saved the universe on multiple occasions, but this year can they save….Christmas?

Drabbles and Ficlets

Rating: G
Word Count: 161
Summary: XI/Firefly. Jim vs. The Operative.

Of Head Wounds and Horses
Rating: G
Word Count: 391
Summary: XI/LOTR. Jim and Bones in Arda.

The Morals of Defying Physics
Rating: PG
Word Count: 287
Summary: XI/Firefly. Scotty/Kaylee.

Bad Ideas
Rating: G
Word Count: 220
Summary: Kirk/McCoy.

Bad Odds and Sex Pollen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 170
Summary: Cupid!Bones/Kirk. Sequel-let to Once Shot, Twice Shy

Even Angels Fall
Rating: G
Word Count: 709
Summary: AU. A Christmas miracle for the boys, written for avictoriangirl. X-over of sorts with Supernatural.

The Thousandth Interview
Rating: G
Word Count: 383
Summary: A press conference. The boys. What could happen?

The Conversation
Rating: G
Word Count: ~250
Summary: Comment-fic for jim_and_bones. Leonard comms Jocelyn with some surprising news.

Dreams Like Ghosts
Rating: PG
Word count: 1609
Summary: Jim has horrible nightmares. Leonard dreamwalks to find the cause. X-over of sorts with Supernatural. Written for gadgetorious.

Can't Take the Sky
Rating: PG
Word Count: 307
Summary: Mal Reynolds on Earth. Birthday fic for rubynye.

Five Things About Bones
Rating: PG
Word Count: 378
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Five Things About Jim Kirk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 584
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

The More You Know
Rating: G
Word Count: 349
Summary: Comment-fic for the Daily Captain, Daily Doctor at jim_and_bones. A series of promotionals do not do by script.

Rating: G
Word Count: 674
Summary: When Bones suffers a wardrobe malfunction, Jim and the crew offer solidarity. Inspired by the Daily Captain, Daily Doctor post at jim_and_bones.

Stars In Your Eyes, Laurels In Your Hair
Rating: PG
Word Count: 363
Summary: Something Greek for rubynye.

Sing the Wrath
Rating: PG
Word Count: 228
Summary: Companion piece to Stars In Your Eyes, Laurels In Your Hair.

Expected Learning Outcomes
Rating: PG
Word Count: 831
Summary: Modern Day AU. Leonard McCoy is doing a Healthy LGBT Youth Program for schools as part of a practicum. He runs into a kid who just might need his help. Inspired by the Daily Captain, Daily Doctor post at jim_and_bones

Riding in Cars With Boys
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,321
Joanna's life used to be easier before she had two Step-Dads. For the FML challenge at jim_and_bones.

Totally Not a Stockholm Syndrome Thing
Rating: PG
Word Count: 851
Summary: Leonard did not need this on top of everything else. A BTVS/Trek XI mash-up.
For the Vampire Weekend challenge at jim_and_bones.

Let's Be Legends
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1887
Summary: Just because the world isn’t fair doesn’t mean you quit fighting. A PWP featuring vampire!Jim. A BTVS/Trek XI mash-up, sequel to Totally Not a Stockholm Syndrome Thing.

Aisle of the Dolls
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1093
Summary: The boys find the new Heroes of the Federation action figures. Uhura is not impressed. Inspired by these DCDD pics. The amazing reena_jenkins made a podfic also!

Rating: G
Word Count: 112
Summary: McCoy returns from a trip.

Son of Thunder
Rating G:
Word Count: 783
Summary:A reunion, an offer, a promise. Star Trek XI/Thor crossover. Written for amine_eyes.

As Seen In the Mirror
Rating: G
Word Count: 925
Summary: A young Jim Kirk sees his heart’s desire—or possibly, his future.

In the Belly Of
Rating: PG
Pairings: Kirk/McCoy, Steve/Tony
Word Count: 741
Summary: Because space whales…fish…are a thing. In multiple universes. (Look, Todd asked and I said Okay, and this is what happened. I don’t know either.)

One Day More: A Star Trek Into Darkness Fic Parody
Rating: G
Word Count: 401
Summary: Fandom. Into Darkness.

Other Fandom Fics

Five Things About Mal Reynolds
Rating: PG
Word Count: 261
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Five Things About Richard Castle
Rating: PG
Word Count: 278
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Five Things About Willow
Rating: PG
Word Count: 275
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Five Things About Simon Tam
Rating: PG
Word Count: 448
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Five Things About Éomer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 834
Summary: What the title says.
reena_jenkins made a podfic!

Witan Day
Rating: PG (Some violence)
Word Count: 507
Summary: Éomer as a new King. Written for anutty1.

To Have and To Hold
Pairings: Charles/Erik
Word Count: 478
Summary: A wedding snapshot.Written for avictoriangirl.

Moon Shines Full On You
Rating: PG
Pairings: River/Logan, Simon/Kaylee
Word Count: 2417
Summary: How Serenity got a new crewmember. An X-Men/Firefly crossover.

Lie Back and Think of America
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Steve/Tony (Avengers)
Word Count: 4.671
Summary: Because times change. Movieverse. Written for blue_jack.

Rating: G
Pairings: Charles/Erik pre-slash
Word Count: 1,125
Summary: AU. Suppose Captain America had been the one to liberate Erik from the camps? An XMFC/Captain America movieverse crossover. Written for gadgetorious.

Avengers Rampant! (Or, The One With the Unicorn)
Rating: PG-13 (Language, Violence)
Pairings: Steve/Tony, Clint/Darcy, Thor/Jane
Word Count: 13,894
Summary: What it says on the tin, but strangely less cracky. Movieverse.
wihluta made a podfic!

What Do You See?
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Steve/Tony, Bucky/Natasha
Word Count: 1,237
Summary. A character study.

You Know These Words (Like an Old Country Song)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Clint/Natasha, Steve/Tony
Word Count: 4,833
Summary: The one where Clint Barton used to be a Hunter. A crossover of sorts with Supernatural.

Under Your Influence (The Way It Works Like Caffeine)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Bruce/Darcy, background Clint/Natasha, Steve/Tony
Word Count: 2,114
Summary: Movieverse. The one where Bruce and Darcy try to have a date. Written for gadgetorious.

Golden Rule Days (Our Modern Family Belongs To Us)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Clint/Natasha, Steve/Tony, Bruce/Darcy, Thor/Jane, everyone and the kitchen sink basically
Word Count: 2,589
Summary: How Kat Barton comes to realizes that her very large “family” maybe isn’t normal—but that’s what makes it awesome. Movieverse.

Start As You Mean To Go On (Five Questions, One Statement, and One Answer, All in a New York Minute)
Rating: PG
Pairings: Pepper/Happy, Bruce/Darcy, Thor/Jane, Natasha/Rhodey, Peter/Gwen, Clint/Coulson, Steve/Tony
Word Count: 2,915
Summary: New Year’s Eve at Avengers Tower. Movieverse.

The Shopping Trip
Rating: G
Word Count: 1291
Summary: (Sleepy Hollow) Abbie knew that taking Ichabod shopping was going to be a long, painful process, which is why she put it off for as long as she could. And when Crane has been in the twenty-first century for two months, when he has been locked in cars and shot guns with more than one bullet, when they have fought demons and the undead together, surely a trip to Beekman’s Grocery can’t be that bad--can it?

Processing Time
Rating: G
Word Count: 974
Summary: For the Comment Fic challenge at almosthumantv. honor_reid’s prompt: "Dorian gets loaned out to another detective (who is a jerk) against the wishes of Kennex, the assignment goes badly. Dorian is injured, and John is ticked. Epic h/c and bromance ensues.”


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Oh hai thar muse!
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ItqdzF Hey there! I've been reading your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good work!
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