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The Cat's, Uh, In the Bag?

Or on it. Whatever. Y'know?

The Dreadlord Garfield Varamathras Fluffybutt demands to know the contents of this luggage!

They hate the Bag because they know what it means.

Yeah, so I'm going to St. Louis tomorrow for PCA Annual. Stay tuned. I did a practice of my talk for Todd who graciously listened and gave feedback. Discovered I am complete spaz in front of friend and colleague, now more than slightly nauseous at the prospect of doing this in front of, y'know, a room full of people. Eep!!!!! Wish me luck!

Scott's looking forward to a week of eating pizza, not making the bed, and general bacheloresque sloth. Good for him.


Conversations I Miss

This weekend at a con in Houston:

Candy, proffering a photo for an autograph: I'm getting this for my friend Cait! She's a big Dollhouse fan.
Candy: Yeah, she's even written a couple of journal articles about it.
YES THAT DICHEN LACHMAN: Oh that is so awesome! I can't wait to tell Joss!

I SHIT YOU NOT PEOPLE. I have the picture in my office to prove it. I am SO framing it!!!!! *has the bestest mentor EVER*


Conversations I Have

Today, in a faculty meeting:

Me: I feel like it's Episode Three and we're the padawans and the Sith Lords and the Jedis are fighting in the next room. This makes me more than slightly nauseous.
Todd: I don't know what you're talking about. I only know of Episodes Four, Five, and Six. I thought we agreed on this.
Me: ... We did. I'm just, y'know, sayin'. I'm nervous. Pause. I think this means the Dean is Jar Jar.
Todd: ....


Anyhow, I'll be gone through Sunday. I'll update periodically to relate notable adventures.

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