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Life's Funny

Today was my first day back to work and school. Everyone seems to have assumed I had pneumonia or something and that is okay. I finally got an appointment with a new counselor in DC and she seemed nice so that is good too.

For one of my classes I'm inventorying...inventoring...going through six boxes of stuff that belonged to Joseph Weber, who was a physicist who studied gravity waves. This means I will be asking Jim and Matt science questions for translation...fuck if I know what a neutrino is...except they talk about them on Star Trek sometimes...

In other funny news I've recently gotten a lot of hits from Eharmony of guys wanting to talk to me. It's sort of neat and sort of bewildering. I've been on there around six months I guess and made one friend and got used to oodles of rejection, and then here's guys saying hello to me? Very strange. Maybe it's like the commercial and it's all the pants???

Andrew is sick and depressed and I've been getting on to him for the latter. There's nothing done that can't be undone with work and patience. Like an earlier post, y'know, if you get tired of something, then stop, no matter how hard it is. I should probably leave well enough alone but he's still my best friend, it tears me up to hear him miserable.

I miss being the boring person. Drama is a pain. Makes for interesting reading, or writing, but living--sheesh!!!

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