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Adventures With Wii Fit

Some things you should know about me, according to wii Fit: I am unbalanced (I trip when I walk!), overweight, and my Wii Age is 48. For what it's worth, Scott is also unbalanced, overweight, and his Wii Age is 44. So we both made workouts. In the next three months I'm going to try to lose twenty pounds, work on my upper body strength, and center of balance. Worked out for about an hour tonight--I feel nice and trembly. Scott's aiming lower--five pounds in one month. (I bet he wins.)

Anyhow, the yoga and exercise instructions are good. Just make sure you have lots of room. Also, it helps if your dog isn't trying to play with you at the same time. Or groom you. I was doing twists and she started licking my feet, and the Wii kept yelling "STAY ON THE BOARD! YOUR ABS WON'T EXERCISE THEMSELVES!" which duh, but puppy tongue between toes? Really distracting.

At any rate, I really just want to get my upper-body strength vastly improved by mid-March for the next exhibit installation so I can be better at moving cases. Since our new grad student is way twiggy, it's really down to T-Man and me, and while he is buff, he is not that buff. (Seriously, vitrine moving? Is HARD.) So yeah, that's my goal. Also, to not be half-dead for BHW in May, either. Fingers crossed!!!


In other news, heading to Baltimore/DC Tuesday night. Will be attending DarkoverCon over Thanksgiving, doing some interviews for some articles, moderating two panels, and otherwise trying to behave. :D

Happy Turkey Day to all in advance!!!


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Nov. 23rd, 2009 06:25 am (UTC)
Good luck!

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