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A Random Sunday Post

Went to Barnes & Nobles for coffee this am (btw, the Caramel Brulee Latte? Tastes strangely like caramel popcorn) and ended up picking up The American Scholar (the one with the essay on the Decline of the English Department that I wanted), American Prospect (pretty decent article on Twilight fandom backlash via cultural sexism), and Robert Darnton's new book The Case for Books. I couldn't find the latter so I asked for help.

It was shelved in Fiction.

Now I've done some contemplating on this issue, and in fairness (I suppose) the subject listing on the back states the book is "Literature/History" and our B&N is too small to have both a Lit AND a Fiction section, so I suppose it makes sense. BUT. Why not Literary Criticism? Why not History?

Extra bemusing considering they had flyers for the Nook everywhere.


Scott bought a Wii and we got a Wii Fit kit. We are both out of shape. It's a side-effect of too much time spent at computers at work and at home. I have too many deadlines, and more on the way, and while all things considered I'm coping quite well, I really want to get back in shape so I'll be prepared for the next exhibit. (I NEED more upper-body strength. Sigh.)


The holidays are coming. (Kind of like the British?) Although this year it looks like we will stay in Texas and have friends over, so there will be a minimum of stress and hyperventilation. Nonetheless, I am already feeling kind of depressed at the yearly onslaught of emotional wringing. Grr.



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Nov. 9th, 2009 12:11 am (UTC)
If exponentiates isn't a word, then it should be.

The worst part is how much I otherwise *like* the holidays: I like Christmas specials, fruitcake, colorful decorations, etc etc. But family issues?? Eeeeegh! I've gotten to the point where, like at Easter, I'm just so damn tense and waiting for a fight that I can't enjoy the bits I might otherwise like. Grr. Plus at this point I have almost three decades of crap memories that totally eradicate the good ones. But I'm hopeful this year Scott and I can start to change that!!
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