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Unmonday Monday

I'll be confused all week as I got to sleep in today and nitter-natter. Paula showed up at my house mid-afternoon after having tried to call me several times with no answer, only as we found my number in the student directory is wrong (fuckit I'll only need to be there through May anyway), because she had gotten some new tray-tables and wanted help picking them up and then hauling them upstairs. Lemme tell ya, three-flight walk-up and no freight elevator and awkward-sized furniture: uh huh.

But it was fun as I got to hang at her place and talk to Zasu, who ignored me as always. She is a picky kitty. Jim, you are lucky to have Familiar, and Carolynn, you are lucky to have Lola: sociable felines are the best!

We watched Facing Windows which was a disappointment (Paula and I had wanted to go see it over the summer but it left before we could), and Amelie, which everyone but Paula had seen and which is always a good movie.

I've felt pretty okay yesterday and today, mostly because of being around people a lot. I am doing my best to find more things to do to be sociable and all because that helps loads. I'm also in an odd mood as I got an email from the Fuckwit and he is unhappy but he won't tell me what's wrong. Part of me says I should ignore him entirely and part of me is worried, especially as he was so nonchalant and flippant the last I saw him. Grr, I know I shouldn't go there because of the stupid chain-yanking and I am doing my absolute best to be cool and just NOT.

Therefore, looking forward to therapy on Friday. So I hope if it does snow it doesn't snow much. (I hate snow. WTF did I think it was smart to move north again??)

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going with some people to play Scrabble at someone's house. This will be interesting as I've never actually played "real" Scrabble before--the kind I had as a kid was the sort that had words already spelled out and lots of helpful pictures, and yeah. But I do know that naughty words don't count so that's something.

So yeah, I'm a mixed-up pup but I'm doing my best to not be. Wish me luck!!!!

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