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Office Space is on. I've never worked in a cubicle but because of this movie I will know what to do if I ever do.

While LJ has been broke I've been reading. I finally finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and am almost done with Banewreaker. If anyone has some book suggestions, that would be cool, particularly as I have a whole 'nother week before school starts and work has been way slow lately.

Headachy day. Not feeling so good, but have been journaling more in the paper version to get things out of my system. Having been talking to a friend about this, maybe that will help me better with the therapy and all. I've had a fair number of problems--not just the ones now, but from always--but trying to talk about them has always seemed to be more of a pity party than anything else, and I don't want pity, I just want people to understand the way my little kitty brain works.

A friend told me I have to learn to take care of #1 first, and I am #1. I've always put others before me, either through love or path of least resistance. And also that I have to learn to love myself. Both of these may seem like basic concepts but I've never really learned them--I've always been by myself or when not by myself, largely tormented, or even just sensitive to gestures that seemed to me to make me less than others (like when Mom wrote me a letter and she wrote Andrew a letter and a check to "get him through his transition"--I protested ex post facto but it mostly made me feel like a bad sport).

Anyhow, with respect to this person, here follows a list of things I like about myself, copied from the paper version:

-I can write good stories.
-I am nice and always try to do the right thing by everyone.
-I can take care of myself pretty good (ie, I pay all my bills on time, keep up with work and school, etc)
-I am responsible and pretty quick to learn and so work well.
-I'm pretty funny.
-I'm pretty smart and work hard to understand the world and stuff.
-I have pretty good taste and can pick out good books, movies, tv, music and stuff that I can get my friends hooked on and thus help feed the writers, actors, directors, and musicians I like. *g*

Anyhow, tomorrow the gang and I are going to New Jersey for the graduation party Mike's parents are throwing for him. So I will be in the car with three of my best friends for three hours twice. I am pretty sure if I took a video camera I could get a show on MTV or something. "Road Trip with Archivists"! Woo! *flashes acid-free paper*

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