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Of Booksellers and Reavers

Okay so overall I enjoyed the class, though a number of my fellow students got on my nerves by a lot. Some booksellers are a lot like IT people--convinced they have more knowledge than they actually do, unwilling to listen to other people, and otherwise really just deserving of a good Vulcan neck pinch once in a while. But a lot of them are very knowledgeable, nice people it's a joy to be around, too.

Anyhow, finally got my Dollhouse DVDs! Here follows a perfect storm of criticism for "Echo" and "Epitaph One":


-gives a way a lot, but really moves the plot along (imagine "Serenity" pts 1 and 2 in the SAME hour)
-doesn't have the sex kitten to sexual abuse survivor weirdness of "Ghost" for better or for worse (not sure)
-the human trafficking angle is WAY more explicit
-Ballard goes dark pretty much immediately, which makes him an interesting character, but not as interesting as the Ballard we have
-Echo gives Boyd a dodge for a sec there--not sure how I feel about that
-Topher comes off as a completely different character--much nicer and way less mysoginist
-Adelle comes off way the hell less in charge than she is in the aired series
-no Mellie or November? I don't like that!
-the "it's really all about culture" vibe is totally explicit--I wonder how this would have changed critical responses and reviews?

"Epitaph One"

-this is basically a one hour "Serenity" (the film) coda in case of cancellation, so it's pretty damn fascinating right off the hook
-also very heavy Firefly-vibe somehow--probably cos everyone is all dirty and hard-bitten but still funny
-it has Jayne Cobb v.2.0--can we keep him? please?
-Creepy ending with Whiskey--seriously. Am not sure if the implication is if she kills herself or if she just goes to sleep.
-*really* not sure how the hell things went to pot so quickly
-Victor! You're awesome and still pretty!
-Topher comes to terms with his morality, and it drives him mad (literally): I LOVE this; also, his weird little Buddha and etch-a-sketch altar
-Echo/Caroline is so fucking channeling Buffy--I kinda love this
-exactly how the hell big is the Dollhouse's kitchen stores? Or do they have some kinda internal suplly system unbeknownst to us, but knownst to them?
-Dominick got out of the Attic--and looks like fucking hell. So I guess the Attic holds bodies and keeps muscles from atrophying somehow, which is all very Matrixey
-a little child will lead them much?
-why is there a convenient hanging latter outside of a broken down skyscraper?

Overall: I'm a happy nerd girl. I'm not sure whether the new information changes any of my readings--I don't think so, but I am gonna have to think on all this new stuff.


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