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Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So: If you haven't seen it yet, for gods' sake stay through the very of the credits as Marvel Inc. seems intent on putting crucial scenes there.

Discussion after cut.

So, the bad first:

*Too busy. They hung together Origins with (not)Alpha Flight, Silverfox, (not)Heroes S3.5, prequel X2, and lots of cameos of beloved characters not heretofore seen.

*The adaptation of Origins. Okay, it is not a secret that was one of the worst books of X-dom. Why they went with it, I don't know. Frankly the only good bit was how Whedon referenced it during his run on Astonishing.

*Not sure why two Canadians fought in the American Civil War. Also not sure why two dudes with basic problems with authority would spend so much time in the military.

*Gambit. Okay the actor wasn't bad, though he doesn't sound a bit Cajun. Southern, but not Louisiana and definitely not Cajun.

*Deadpool. Only what, eight minutes if that? Pfft.

*Timeline. So we end in the late...1980s maybe? Early 1990s. But Wolvie has his duds from the 2000 film. I'm confused.

*Also, why isn't Cyclops at Prof. X's but he already has his red quarts shades? Did he just luck out and find an optometrist who was all, "About those eye-lasers, I have *just* the lenses for you..."

The good:

*Liev Schreiver as Sabretooth. Definitely the best performance. Also, strangely hot with the sharp teeth....


*Patrick Stewart/Prof. X. as Deus Ex Machina, for reals.

*Gambit's card effects.

*The attempts at linearity to build towards the previous films.


Overall people like me will will be reasonably satisfied. Other folks probably not so much.


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May. 3rd, 2009 08:16 pm (UTC)
I'll add my own list to that already fantastic critique:

the bad:

*CGI team phoning it in for half the effects in the film. No environment maps on Logan's claws for most of the movie - especially in the bathroom scene.

*At least a dozen different opportunities to develop characters and backstory were utterly squandered given the acting talent that was brought to the table for this. This goes especially for the opening sequence where we get amazingly detailed war scenes with no dialogue during the opening credits. In the end, the audience has little recourse but to fail to sympathize with (or even completely hate) just about everyone in the film.

*No buildup to deadpool. Could have had a heaver b-plot to add some depth to the film with something along that line, which would have made the final reveal all the more satisfying.

*Reference to nightmares with no actual dream-sequence = no real idea how tortured our hero is. The result? Logan is just screwed up in the head and we don't understand why, nor care.

The Good:

* Wolverine.

* Ridiculously hot love interest.

* Bone Claws.

* Wolverine.
May. 3rd, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Know what else would have been nice? To actually have feral Wolverine at some point for five minutes. A reference to Bambi tartare in the woods maybe.

Also not sure what I think of Emma Frost's diamond effect. (That said, still better than Edward's in Twilight.)
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