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Moment of Life Music

Jim sent me this. Perfect.

"Life of Crap" ~ Pollen

I've had it with this life of crap
there's no one who I can trust
I'm not happy with this life of crap
it's gonna be a total bust
There's no purpose to this life of crap
I'll wind up dead in the end
You can't help me through this life of crap
I don't need a single friend
Late at night when I'm not sleeping
eyes wide open waiting for that girl
the one who used to be such a part of me
even now I still need to defend
that she's not one of them
you'll find numbers in this life of crap
but I know your not the one
to get caught up in my life of crap
I bet your conscience must weigh a ton
late at night I get this feeling
can't think straight
cause I just don't feel safe
I can't articulate
I'm cracking from the weight
and still I'd gladly give it all
just to hold hands in the mall
who ever told you that things would be great
who ever told you that things would work out
well whoever told you they told you a lie
I used to think it could
I used to think it would
but that was when I had you
and now I don't
and everything that I've got left is just a bunch of crap
I got no use for other people
they all suck I don't want anyone else
This senseless waste of life is worthless without you
and your heart
and I don't know what to do without you
to tell me that one day
things will be ok
cause they won't
and I don't know if I wanna do it without you
I can't make it through this life of crap
cause I don't have a reason to

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