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Oh Look, School's Here!

So school starts tomorrow. Scott teaches his class on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I teach mine on Wednesdays. so far I have eight students, all girls. My math friends were calculating the odds of this thing gleefully.

Did some shopping this weekend as well as cleaning. We now have some Japanese accent pillows for our futon and our house almost looks grown-up now. I also bought our tickets for the Browncoat Ball which I am exceedingly excited about. We're opting to attend the special activities in tai chi and filk music.

Also finally turned in the scholarship application to next year's Rare Book School in the hopes I could take a course on codicology* or similar.

Got some recent emails from people I knew in high school. I guess people feel nostalgic this time of year? Anyhow, one was yet another from my former best friend who periodically emails/stalks me. Delete. Another from a guy who expressed astonishment that I'm faculty at a nationally recognized university. Not quite sure how to react to that. (Uh, yeah, so I'm smarter than I was always given credit for? Thanks?)

Anyhow. Stay tuned.
*That there's fancy talk for studying medieval manuscripts. ;) It may also be a favorite new word.


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Aug. 25th, 2008 12:34 pm (UTC)
The truly annoying part about this girl is it is always clear from the text of the emails that this whole thing is less about me and more about her feeling better for having been a bitch years ago. Which, y'know, is hardly motivational, isn't it?
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