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So I recently got to see Danny Boyle's Sunshine. Danny Boyle's previous films being, as you may remember,Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, I was pretty hyped to see this movie. That, and it was billed as the "New Scifi Classic for the @1st Century" or whatever.

And then it got panned, so I was cynical and waited for Netflix.

Now, I actually enjoyed it. The main fault of the film is that the astronauts act like people, not like astronauts. People, when they have determined that they are running out of air to accomplish their mission to save the world, fret and freak and contemplate how unfair it all is. Astronauts decide who is the most vital to the mission and then get on with it. So more time than was necessary was spent on "You mean I'm not going home?" No, you're not going home, stupid. Honestly, you're going to put an explosive mathingy in the Sun to jumpstart it, so how did you ever even contemplate you'd be coming home from that?

Also: Cillian Murphy, a physicist? With emo hair? Not happening. (I'm overlooking the fact that the only physicist I know happens to look like Jesus.)

Anyhow, the first ninety minutes are cool, and I liked the Zen aspect of the astronauts with a death wish to look into the sun and get transubstatiated into shiny gold SFX.

And then there was the fried dude with the God Complex, and I was confused. Cos I have no idea how the fuck he survived his ship. Or why the big fight at the end was in the bomb and why the bomb looked more than a little bit like a holodeck.

Anyhoo. I mostly liked it.


Making good progress on my Friends of Darkover bibliography. My boss reminded me today if I publish enough I can go up for tenure early. I'm down with that.

I'm kind of at a loss with the Kindle paper. I wrote a hunk and sent it to my colleagues for review but no one has said anything, and I have no idea where we're looking to shop the first paper around anyway, which makes proceeding difficult what with not knowing the audience or the guidelines and what have you.


I'm aiming to have the Damn Book done revised by May 1. Here's hoping.


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