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Memorial to Gary Gygax here.


Research going well. I'm finishing up a short article about the school's SF collection for submission to JFL, and my next project is a history article "50 Years of Texas Cons." Y'know, the fun ones with the geekery, not the, er, scary ones.

Looking forward also to Spring Break next week so I can rewrite the prologue for Kingsbane. I very much want to get that puppy in the mail.


Funny moment: Was reading a Star Trek novel on my Kindle where Jim Kirk is reading a "real" book and savoring the experience. I found this deeply entertaining.


Short review: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

I was actually quite disappointed by this book, primarily because it's just not as funny as Kinsella's other books. In brief, the plot hinges on a twenty-four year old with a crap job and crap boyfriend who falls down, then wakes up in the hospital at twenty-eight with a great job and a hot husband. Turns out she had a car accident a few days before and has lost her memory of the past three years. Hijinks ensue. Honestly the one funny bit is at the beginning where a nurse explains how she's eagerly looking forward to the release of Harry Potter 7. The heroine is confuzzled as there are only five books...

Yeah. Skip it or get it from the library.

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