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Oy, or, Germs and Holidays

So either my cold came back with a vengeance or it decided to mutate. Suffice to say that while yesterday was fine today is totally ugh. Which is annoying since we wanted to go do something fun and instead I am drag-assing about grumping. (Luckily I have thebest boy ever, who just nods agreeably and wants to know do I want more orange juice, even though mom's cats are pushing his allergies.) Also there is the fact that I've worked on this post for way longer than I need to just so I can use proper grammar and spelling.

Our project of the day is now gathering books I want to rescue from Mom's cats and boxing them up to take to UPS. Later we're going to head down to my brother's and stay the night there since we get to wake up at 3am or so for that nice super-early flight. /sarcasm. I am looking forward to being back home with the furbabies though. (Another wonderful thing about my boy: he saw me staring at my shelves trying to decide what to take home. He said, "Y'know, you don't have to hold back, if you even think you might want it later, just pull it down and we'll take it." Of course this means we'll need at least one more new bookshelf, but so it goes.)

Anyhow. Stay tuned.

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