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Welcome Back, Absinthe

The NYT Dining & Wine section compare and discuss the new brews here. NPR also discuss's the comback here.

I spent too much time in my late teens reading Colette. I really wanna try this stuff. I am deeply dismayed that the cheapest seems to be around $58 for the bottle. I was hoping to obtain some for a party, cos really, what could be more party-ey than green fairies and sugar cubes? We'll see.


In other news: That darn manuscript:
I keep plugging away. And then yesterday it occured to me that it's kinda of passe at this point to wind up a novel with a marriage, so maybe I ought to keep going. And part of me says, yes. And a part of me, says, oh great. More. Le sigh. Stay tuned.


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Dec. 6th, 2007 10:27 pm (UTC)
Well the NYT reviewer and the NPR guy didn't seem to have problems. Was the stuff in England legally made or some under the table concoction? (and what did they have with it? Kinda like people who complain sushi makes them sick when they have a lot of it and then follow it up with ice cream...it's not bad fish, it's that fish and dairy don't mix well together! um /tangent)

As for the manuscript, well, do you want to read it in as much as there's a complete narrative, or are you okay with bits missing? Cos there's some scenes I haven't put in yet for the main part.
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