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Visiting Lucy

Scott and I picked up his mom from Houston airport this AM. We decided to spend the afternoon visiting the "Lucy's Legacy" exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It may have been the most poorly designed exhibit I've ever seen.

First of all, Lucy is the start of an exhibit that otherwise has nothing to do with her. The rest of the exhibit is the "Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia." I assume this is because the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Exhibition Coordinating Committee decided "Well, we'll only let them have this fantastically cool thing if they promise to make a completely slip-shod advertisement for the little bits of our country that aren't totally ripped up by war and famine." Thus, there are two showrooms of a couple of 12th century crosses, a couple beaten up Korans, a number of 20th century icons, some Waga statues with prominent penises, large posters for a couple of towns noted as having medieval churches and possibly the Arc of the Covenant, and finally Lucy herself. Oh and before you get to Lucy, you have to hear the chorus of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" played on continuous loop at an absurdly high volume (high enough to overpower a video on...something). There's a couple of posterboards about how you can tell australopithecus walked upright and what mutations are. Also a mural.

I quite liked the furry real-life model of her they make. She was very cuddly.


Will be cooking in tandem with Scott's Mom tomorrow. She's making two pies for T-day while I make cherry salad, dressing, and get that lamb marinaded. Stay tuned.


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Nov. 21st, 2007 06:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, we get along fine. Mostly it's an issue of "okay there's only the one oven and limited counterspace. Who wants to go first?"

Scott's in charge of the turkey tomorrow. We're also cooking asparagus and his Mom will make mashed potatos.
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