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Happy Mabon!

This evening we went to a Department barbecue and made some new friends which is always fun. Had an interesting discussion about Wicca with a Buddhist, and was explaning my stance, when the fellow I was conversing with said, "Oh, that makes you a Protestant Wiccan then!" And I thought about it, and said, "Yes, I suppose so!" And because I am this nerdy, I think there should be a paper on it somewhere. (I love academic analyses, I can't help it.) I did also feel bad for our friends who were vegetarian... Vegetable options were coleslaw and potato salad. :( Oh, Texas.

Scott worries a lot about discussing politics and religion at large gatherings, which I can kind of see, but it bugs me too. So long as I don't wear flagrant tshirts and the like, I feel if the subject comes up you should put your 2 cents in, but be mindful. E.g. I would always say "I am liberal" as opposed to "Bush is such a motherfucker!" no matter how much I may think the latter. I've always been outspoken about what I believe, and if there were any knocks to be had, have taken them. But I honestly find that more often than not that people censor themselves more than anything, and very rarely if you say what you think (see example above), do people's heads explode. (Though it is funny when that happens..) Even in friggin' Georgia where I spent the first twenty two years of my life, people will deal. They may be condescending, but they will deal.


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