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I Can't Believe I Forgot to Post This!

A couple weeks ago was when all the professors were submitting their syllabi for review. Now we just moved in the week before, so we were busy putting up furniture, getting the electricity put in our names, etc etc. Thus, my boy had a few things on his mind when he submitted his syllabus, which had one date typo on it. His boss (a 70ish female, apparently) gave him his syllabus with her comments back and teased him about the typo, saying, "Just think, if you'd gotten the date wrong on the real thing, your wife would have to bake cookies for your class while you apologize!" He just kind of stared at her in horror while she was oblivious. a) Why would I bake cookies for his mistake? and b) Baking for a class of like 90 people?!?! Nyah!!

There was also a new faculty orientation dinner where the newbies can meet people and shmooze. Next to the registration table was a table with a pair of women and flyers for the "Women Newcomers Club." I picked one up, interested, particularly because one of the women says they have a book club. I flipped through the list of upcoming events, which is clearly targeted at people with no jobs since almost all of the events are during the daytime on weekdays, e.g. 10am Tuesday type things. On top of that, there's no book club, and most events involve the words "brunch" or "tea." Quite frankly, I now envision these people as being DAR types who wear gloves all the time. Which is probably unfair, but I can't help it.


Y'know, domesticity is an annoying thing. I've been killing my job search time by writing, playing WoW, and doing chores, but really. Some days I can work a solid eight hours on a story and that's an awesome day, but mostly it's I manage 2-3 hours of writing and then do laundry and miscellaneous chores and spend too much time playing computer games (on the plus side, I've leveled like 9 times in the past couple weeks). I have a fair bit saved up, but I intensely dislike the feeling of dependence. I've been sleeping very badly and that's not helping. I need to exercise more and our gym memberships should be starting soon, but right now it's hard to get up the gumption for a nice walk when there's a million mosquitos outside. Bleh. /rant


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Sep. 16th, 2007 04:43 am (UTC)
Oh we've found nice folks already, which is awesome. But yeah, the feminine mystiquiness of it all bugs. I've been deeply moody and insomniac about it this week too. Scott's kind of like S, he just wants me to be happy--so if I want to write and game or whatever, it's all good. Which is immensely nice, but still. I like having my own money and independence and all.

Agreed on the break, as I've been burning the candle on multiple ends for a few years now. But, I'm not good at sitting home being domestic. Also, eating 90 cookies? Nah. Making my own personal batch of chocolate buttercream though...might also be worth the inevitable heartattack afterwards...
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