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I have the Internet!

Yay! And TV! Although I've already done something to the fancy new remote so the Guide thingie doesn't show up anymore. Heck if I know. But I have Scifi and Comedy Channel and that's all I really need. I hate fancy remotes with crappy user manuals though.

Anyway. Texas is really flat. As in, "No, seriously, why did you people think it was a good idea to arrange everything on absolutely level surfaces with zero arrangements for draining, particularly when it rains for at least a good hour or two every evening?"

Our home is starting to look like an actual home. We went to Target earlier this week and bought two more bookshelves, which, irritating, cost more than the old Target shelves and still wobble. I don't get it. In retrospect, I'm not entirely sure why I agreed to go to Target, except I guess we both just really wanted to get the piles and piles of books off the floor and...somewhere else.

Hopefully this weekend we can finish up. I want to get real curtains because I hate Venetian blinds, particularly the old scummy ones the landlord left on our hands. Ew.

I owe lots of people emails that will probably get put off until we get the computer on a desk. Right now it's on the floor, which, let me just say: not. comfy.

More later.

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