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We're currently in Lake Jackson, Texas staying with Scott's cousins. Yesterday we went to the Johnson Space Center and got to see the Astronaut Training Center and an IMAX on constructing the International Space Station (predicted completion date: 2006. Heh heh heh.), amongst other things. It was fun. I also got to flashback to being ten when I got ahold of some of the freeze-dried Astronaut Ice Cream that I thought was so cool when I was a kid...and let's be honest, I still think it's pretty dang cool. Sure there's nothing icy or creamy about it (it's kinda crunchy actually) but it's still fun.

Today Scott and his cousin Chris got haircuts, so neither of them look like scruffy nerfherders. We also got some last minute items from Walmart like some Power Bars and travel shampoo and the like. And a copy of Hot Fuzz because it's hilarious and we're weak.

We'll be getting up at about 3am tomorrow to catch our 7:40am flight. We have a four hour flight to San Francisco and then an eleven hour flight to Nagoya. I LOATHE flying so I'm trying not to think about it, particularly considering our return flights will be like fifteen hours and then two hours. Oy. A typhoon is also predicted to hit the southernmost islands of Japan today (or tomorrow--or both, I'm kind of unclear on how they're timing these things, and yes I am totally a Weather Channel junkie) so it'll be rainy on Friday when we get there, but by then we'll be zombies anyway. I just hope it won't affect our flights too much. Because, um, oh boy.

Anyhow, wish us luck. I expect I'll check back in whenever we get wireless.


RIP Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni.

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