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Another Wedding/Moving/Etc Rant

To family members whom it may concern:

My apologies for offering up the possibility of cupcakes instead of a tiered cake. I am not sure why receiving frosted baked goods in the form of semi-spheres rather than flat squares offends you so, however. Since I will be paying for it, and moreover making sure it tastes good, why you should care is deeply beyond me.

Likewise I am not sure of why you should care whether I get married next year in DC or this summer in DC or why either way the unknown quantities in Texas should be considered. The majority of guests, and by "guests" I mean "people whom I actually like as opposed to whom I am related to, are from this area, and by having it here I would be sure they would come and it would not be a financial strain to do so" are local, and on top of that DC is the location of the cherry blossoms which is the WHOLE DEFINING THEME OF THE EVENT.

I am really sick of getting told to "go ahead and get it over with." This is a marriage, not the pulling off of a band-aid. Quite frankly I have enough going on with job change issues than having to shift to a whole new identity and tax bracket in a matter of months as well.

And on the subject of the job search, yes, I am really sure I would like to go ahead and move to Texas. First of all, I don't want to live out of a suitcase for God only knows how long it would take to find a job while the majority of goods go with Scott when he relocates. We've crunched the numbers several different times in several different ways, and we really don't want to spend thousands of dollars essentially moving twice when we can do it once.

Second of all, given the intense stress of my current job and the sensation of burn-out I've had coming for a while now, the possibility of working at a Starbucks or anything else non-library related for a while looks like a refreshing change rather than cringe-inducing.

And at the end of the day, and especially since all the work and money going into it are mine and Scott's, isn't "because we want to" really reason enough?



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Apr. 26th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
I'm still standing, just a cranky week. Grr. Scott and I are starting to seriously rethink eloping etc but he's worried people will think we're cheap. I point out, we're not cheap, just poor! And moving! And will be getting by on one income (mine) for the next few months, and then possibly a few more (his). Grr again.
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