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On World of Warcraft

A bunch of our friends have been playing for ages, Scott started a couple weeks ago, I started this weekend. I like the game well enough but think that some of its limitations are kind of annoying. For one thing, you basically have to pick between Alliance and Horde and you can never talk across channels. So if all your friends play Horde and you play Alliance you can never talk to them. I think this is kind of silly, though I do kind of get how the PTB want to make sure that there's no "cooperation" between sides. I think that limits storytelling though--I think it would be way more interesting if at some point they introduce an NPC enemy both sides have to cooperate against--how's that for quest options?

Another thing is it's all fight-fight-fight kill-kill-kill. I a game environment with lots of PCs and NPCs it'd be way more interesting to have some nonviolent quest options. Say you're a rogue and you have to go find Information Y. Then the quest is to go troll in various taverns and ins talking to people to find the info. Etc.

At any rate it looks like Scott and I will be making our first major purchase together to buy a new desktop PC so we can play better (and at the same time). My old laptop is way too slow to play and his can't take the heavy traffic in the big cities, so if he has quests there he has to go in the early AM when no one's on. We think we've dound a good system through CompUSA-- 17in flat monitor included. Any techies wanna weigh in?


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