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Grr Argh

Dear Universe,

I can deal with the fact that I am bleeding like a stupid pig and feel disgusting and have annoying parts hurt because it's that time of the month.

I can deal with that stupid hemorrhoid I got from straining too much this weekend. (And, btw, universe, aren't I too fucking young to be getting those?!?! Fuck you!!!)

I can deal with getting no mail because of the bad weather and the cranky pipes that made it take forever to get a hot shower tonight.

I can deal with an annoying family that has to gripe about every wedding decision.

I can deal with the fiance who is too stressed out to deal with Valentine's Day and can barely talk properly because of his exhaustion, because I know the feeling most of the time.

I can even deal with the fact that fucking FTD can't deliver fucking flowers to my Mom despite the $16 delivery charge.

But I'm NOT happy about it, okay?

So send something GOOD my way already. Dammit.


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Feb. 16th, 2007 01:32 am (UTC)
Heh, today I had a very cranky snippy boss bitching at me because she had to work ten days in a row (and never mind how I kept offering to come in extra to help and she told me no), didn't sleep last night due to hellish cramps (which totally negate the desire for chocolate, and pretty much edibles in general), and worked without a break or lunch from 7:45am til 5:11pm. Oh and FTD still didn't deliver my Mom's flowers (I sent them an email about laying the filial guilt inherent in ill, 70 year old mother not receiving flowers despite the fact I told her to look out for them).

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