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So Scott just told me that instead of flying out on the 22nd we're flying out on the 21st--which would have been nice to know about, oh, weeks ago when I filled out the paperwork for work. So now I'm hoping I don't get in trouble. Ergh.

Worse comes to worse we'll get me another ticket, though we could do without the financial issues. Hopefully three ghosts will visit my boss and everything will be okeedokee.

In the meantime, my Xmas insanity is now on Fastforward with a vengeance. And I feel vaguely seasick.


Saw Stranger than Fiction which I really liked. They should give Will Ferrell more non-spastic roles. (My God did Elf give me a headache.) He actually is a good actor, Hollywood! Use him better!

1) Actual interesting plot twists so though you walk in pretty sure you know what will happen, you're suddenly not sure. Always fun to sit in theaters when the audience goes GASP because we're genuinely stunned and worried.

2) Queen Latifah was totally wasted though. I like that she was the caring, practical assistant to the self-absorbed psychotic boss, but I REALLY REALLY wanted her to put Emma Thompson in her place. I don't think I can put enough REALLYs in there.

3) Cutest bit: what do you get the girl you adore, who happens to be a baker? "I brought you flours." Aww.

4) For God's sake, it's not "literature theory" it's "literary theory." Fact-checkers: you don't have to go all the way to a college to find this out, just go to your nearest fucking Barnes&Nobles. Just sayin'.


BSG really has me confounded. So Starbuck and Apollo are having an affair now, I guess? What's with Boomer's messy hair? Why are we supposed to care about Dualla again? Why do we have to wait til January?


I have determined that I am going to do my best to break Library Thing. It's UnSuggester irks me as it takes books you like and gives you what it thinks you wouldn't like--for example, if you read Kant's thingie on Reason you won't wanna read Confessions of a Shopaholic. Except guess what, Library Thing, I've read them both, AND liked them. I'm also confounded as to why as another example they put Edward Said's Orientalism up against Gail Carson Levin's Ella Enchanted. Um, yeah, so one book is aimed at professors in Lit and History and the other is aimed at eleven year old girls. But guess what, those eleven year old girls just MIGHT wanna get PH.Ds one day. So quit being all that, Library Thing! Yeesh!


In case I don't have time or energy to do this later, I wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. :)

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