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Different holes, same old shit

The universe is trying so hard to make me it's bitch it's funny. Do I have bad karma, and if so, why?

Today I

1) Overslept by twenty minutes,

2) and while trying to get ready to go one of the boxes I keep clothes in in my closet fell down and I had to squish summer clothes every which way so I
could hurry up and go,

3) followed by a single piece of banana nut bread for breakfast out the door, forgetting completely about packing anything for lunch.

4) I got through Class 1 and then went to put in some time at work cos my schedule is funky this week, where the computer was uber-slow and cranky, putting me in utter-headache mode for Class 2.

5) Got home, had a snack, and went to lay down. Was almost to dropping-off point when roomie came in to put mail on my desk, and was all "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here," despite the fact that two minutes prior I had walked right past her and even waved and said hello. Nice.

6) Got up to look at mail, which was train tickets home for Christmas (yay) and depressing letter from Mom assuring me I will get better and Andrew is probably just as hurt as I am by all this (how?) and he probably tried to tell me in some way and I just didn't pick up on it (a world of no: I ain't the brightest crayon in the box but all the same I do have a clue on occasion).

7) Despite like maybe 6 hours of sleep, obviously no nap, and frigging long day. YEESH.

Well I tell you what: fuck it. Fuck it up the wall and through the ass, I'm nobody's buttmonkey goddammit. C'mon life, I friggin' dare ya at this point. What else you got?

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