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Of Folks Old and New

My Mom visited this weekend and Andrew kindly picked her up at the station on Friday before I got out of work. She was thrilled to death to finally see Nico. We spent today with the whole dysfunctional family though luckily Stephanie behaved herself. I am the kids' new favorite person apparently. Nico wanted to sit on my lap to eat lunch and Olivia wanted me to carry her around. We also played multiple games of tag etc and I am whupped now. I told them Scott and I also renew our offer for babysitting and they quite liked that. Practice for parenthood and all.


Yesterday Scott, Mom, and I went to the National Book Festival. We caught the tale-end of Christopher Buckley's talk, saw Spider and Jeane Robinson, Douglas Brinkley, and Alexander McCall Smith. Scott also saw Bob Woodward while we got in line to have Smith sign books for Mom. Afterwords we went to dinner at the Sky Terrace, the restaurant with the best view of DC. (Seriously, it's right next to the White House. You could possibly toss a baseball over into their yard. Possibly.)


On Friday of all things I got an email at work from Richard Menke, who was one of my favorite teachers at UGA. He had decided to look me up because he was finally teaching Lit Theory again and remembering what a great class that was, and because he had another student interested in getting an MLS and wanted to get in touch with me for info on all that. He was also quite chatty about how Park Hall was--apparently the English department is shrinking after numerous funding cuts and I graduated at exactly the right time. This makes me very sad, as Park Hall was like home to me when I was there and I was so fond of pretty much everyone there. Oh, Academia.


Getting ready for Hell Week at school. It's my six day week and we're going to have a time with classes in the library and keeping everyone happy. I have two talks to give already. Wish me luck!!


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