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Just Follow the People in Black...

Today I went to the SPX Expo in Bethesda. It's a yearly indie comics con, where you can check out new stuff by the people who actually produced it. Plus, as with other cons, the real fun part comes by suddenly being "normal." So what if you came all in black? Well, so did everyone else. Which actually made it very helpful to find the place (they say one block from the metro--try five!) as you could see where all the Black Shirts--in the non-fascist sense--were congregating.


Inside I proceeded to hunt down Andrew, who unfortunately, lost his cell phone again. Buddy, I love you, but for your own sake, invest in a new belt clip, okay? Then came the geeking.

Geek geek geek!

So here are my picks for infinitely cool projects coming up:

Alexis E. Fajardo's Kid Beowulf. Did you know that Beowuld and Grendel were actually twin brothers? Neither did I! It's quirky, it's trippy, it's Asterix meets the fifth season of Hercules: TLJ. Of the planned books, the bros will go forth and hang out with El Cid, Roland, Gilgamesh, Romulus and Remus, the Green Knight, and even hang out in Troy! Punk rock awesome.

T. Campbell's Fans is pretty neat too as it is all about science fiction fans (not that I know any--HA bloody HA!). Welcome to my world, said the mutant spider to the super fly...

Next, Patricia Wright has started a new series, Emerald City, where a grown-up Dorothy turns to Oz. Like "Wicked" but not.

And last but not least, is Don MacDonald's Machiavelli--which doesn't come out until, um, 2006. It's like I, Claudius with pictures and without the incest...as far as I know...

There was lots of other stuff but these were the people I talked to longest and had the most interesting stuff. Nifty nifty nifty!

God I love geeking! Andrew, hope you find your cell phone, buddy. (He lost it on the Red Line, too. GOOD LUCK!!!)

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