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Review: Gargoyles #1

Finally got my greedy lil hands on Greg Weisman's new comic. Still have yet to find any scheduling info on releases which makes me more than a little paranois. Anyhow:

1) Artwork: nice quality artwork, pretty similar to Astonishing X-Men but disappointingly less cinematic in scope. A-

2) Story: It takes off directly after the Season 2 cliffhanger and is essentially a retooling of the first episode of The Goliath Chronicles, right down to Elisa's unflattering white dress for her date with Goliath. On the plus side, since most of Chronicles sucked its probably a good idea to retcon it.

3) Characterization: Pretty accurate. The one problem I have is the same one I had with Chronicles, where John Castaway formerly of Canmore has grown an ev-eel mustach and looks inexplicably a LOT older. Can't tell from the text but it always bugged me his accent changed from Scottish to English as well. I also don't like the "unrelenting evil" bit as it totally clashes with his circumstances AND the way villains on the show were written. Before his brother was paralyzed, John was the kind sibling. Afterwards, he was totally with the ev-eel. WTF? Does NOT jive developmentally in the same way we have Xanatos, Macbeth, and even Demona as so enjoyably ambiguous (okay so Demona's not that ambiguous NOW but she was for like two hundred years! so there!). B

Overall: 32 pages is not enough. Want more, quick, before Disney cancels this too!!!!

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