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My Birfday, Observed

Tomorrow is my birthday (I will be a full quarter-century old!!) and I am going out of town for my first real vacation in like four years or something. Scott and I are going to camp in Shenandoah for a couple days, then go to Williamsburg and so the Busch Gardens-Historic Jamestown-other historical stuff thing. I am deeply excited!

We went to Sushi King last night to kick things off. I've been trying to get him to go there for like a year now but it was so worth it. I had tuna belly and a double six roll amongst other goodies and was deeply happy. Today Michelle and Paula came over for brunch and we had cheese crepes and a small cake I got at the grocery store. Tonight I opened my presents: Scott gave me D&D books and my very own set of die, and a forthcoming D&D fig and rollerblading lesson. Mom sent me some money, pajamas, bath stuff, and a towelly thing I *think* is meant as a sort of slip-on bathrobe thing...it's like a towel and has those little things that go on your shoulders and then you can wrap it around your torso...I dunno.

At any rate I'm mostly done packing and had to come online to brag...and tell people where I am in case they wonder (probably not). ;)

I am very happy and lucky. :)

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