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R.I.P. Ostell Browner

I found out tonight Ostell died. He used to work for my dad and basically babysat me growing up and was like another uncle to me. He would come to dinner twice a week, even after Dad died, and helped look after us and the animals and everything. He was a Vietnam vet, a city employee, and all around good man.

I keep trying to write something suitable and then deleting because it's not good enough. Suffice to say I'm very glad I got to see him at Christmas now. I'd worried about this--he was in bad health and had had a heart-attack back in January. He'd had breathing trouble lately and had a doctor's appointment in Atlanta yesterday at the Veterans' Hospital and died right after he got there.

He really liked Doctor Who, and used to watch PBS with me.

He used to bring me little presents, like neat old bottles and things, all while I was growing up.

He really didn't like the cats that much but he used to tease Waffles and say "Hey, Fat Cat!" at her, and she'd bat her ears at him because she knew perfectly well what he'd said.

I guess that's all. I don't know what else.


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Apr. 21st, 2006 01:38 pm (UTC)
Heh, thanks. I left work early--I thought I'd be fine but then I got there and started sniffling. I just feel sick and now stupid that I'm being babyish or something. It really is like losing an uncle or a parent. I don't know what to do with myself now--I thought I could be distracted at work.
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