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Fun in the Sun!

I've had a ridiculously nice holiday. On Saturday Scott and I took Mom to the zoo--it was very crowded of course but we had a nice afternoon looking at the animals. What was more fun, actually, was when we walked across the street where the Marriott Hotel has this gorgeous garden. So we people-watched and Mom took pictures of all the beautiful flowers and Scott and I spun around until we were dizzy.

Yesterday Mom and I took the train up to Baltimore. Scott picked us up and we went to Westminster Hall where Poe is buried, then to the Inner Harbor where we took a water taxi to Fort McHenry. We had a lot of fun scrabbling over the battlements and everything. We took a picnic lunch with us and after eating Mom wanted to sit in the park while we kept exploring. As it happened the wind was dying down, so the Park Ranger announced they would be changing the flag and they needed everyone to help catch it and bundle it up. It was about twenty by seventeen feet or so--I was on the end with the top stripe and it was as broad as the length of my whole arm--and impossible to fold up, so we all just rolled it up in our arms. It was very neat. We ended the day with Baltimore crab cakes and then Scott drove us home.

Today Mom and I took it easy. I did a couple errands and we went to see a matinee showing of Antonio Banderas' Take the Lead which was a good little movie.

Anyhow tomorrow it's back to the real world. Ugh. Oh well, maybe this will be a good week.

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