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Humplike Day

It's Day 3 of a 6 day week for me and I am pathetically tired. I've been running every which way all week and am so feeling the burn. I've given four talks, done student hiring, training, looking to do more hiring, scheduling, reserving, and generally just wishing I had clones. On top of that there appears to be a day bug working it's way through the library staff--a student got it Monday, another yesterday, and me today, where my stomache ached and I basically felt like puking all day. Ugh. And my performance review is next week too. I know I'm good on paper--I basically meet or exceed everything on there--but I feel so insecure about things sometimes. Sometimes I feel like I never do anything right, that I'm always behind, and just general frustrated angst. I know a lot of it is just an experience thing and the first year is always the hardest, but still, sometimes I get so frustrated I seriously start doubting my career choice, and think what it would be like to do, well, almost anything else.

At least Easter is next week. I have a couple days off and my Mom's going to visit. I am very excited as she won't even recognize my apartment, since the last time she visited I didn't even have furniture really. But now I have a real bed, a couch, and chairs! So if I can just get through the next few days, things will be better. In the meantime, blah!!

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