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Geeking and Freaking

First of all, the geeking, with book reviews:

#21: Render Unto Caesar by Gillian Bradshaw

Bradshaw does these great classical medieval novels but this is the first one I've ever been unimpressed by. Hermogenes is an Alexadrian investor who goes to Rome to collect on a debt--from a Consul. It being in the early years of Augustus' rule and Egyptians being pretty unpopular due to that whole Cleopatra thing, things don't well. Political, monetary, and other hijinks ensue. Things ultimately work out, including a romantic b-plot with a former gladiatrix.

Okay, here's my issues: 1) At the end of the day, it was about banking. It might work for Dorothy Dunnet but I don't read her either and find it quite boring. Look, there were WAY more interesting occupations back then, pick one! 2) The romance: this is the first b-plot I've ever found unconvincing. The characters hook up way too quickly, unjustified neither by pace nor by characterization mathingies. Bleh.

Ultimately: Go reread Beacon at Alexandria.

#22: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

I think I'm developing an addiction to this writer. Her plots are deeply silly but very cute and funny. I'd avoided this one (first in the series) because the concept of a main character who can't control basic finances was extremely irritating to me. And it was pretty irritating, but there was enough other stuff to keep things going so I never felt the urge to fling the book away, as I've done with some others. So now I'm trying to track down the others at the library.

Again not a must-read but very amusing.


Scott and I hit The Book Thing yesterday and came away with a pile of Michener (11 volumes between us, plus a pile of other stuff) and some stuff to go towards the book bar Scott and his roommates are determined to build. Very awesome.


Now comes the freaking. We went to see The Murder of Isaac at Centrestage last night, which I hated violently for a number of reasons. I am highly biased on the subject material, had a mini-freak, and well, yeah, not a good date play.

Think bastard child of Titticut Follies and Bruce Almighty for the storyline. I haven't been that relieved to get out of a theater since Star Wars 3.


My couch came today and fits in perfectly. Unfortunately the cover they gave me doesn't fit so either a) they gave me the wrong one (which I'm going with) or b) I'm too dim to figure out how to do it right (entirely possible). Suffice to say Scott has a new weekend project.

Anyhow, going to make some nummy linguine and pesto tonight. Woo hoo!


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Feb. 28th, 2006 12:10 am (UTC)
Yeah, the bookbar is quite the cool. I told them to talk to their school's librarian to see if they'll be deaccessioning any large book sets in the near future--quite possible; the one on the website is bound endocrinology journals.

As for the minifreak, I've been off and on twitchy today. Grr.
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