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The only thing that would be cooler than Al Franken running for president would be if Jon Stewart ran as VP. How awesome would an all-liberal Jewish ticket be?

Like Jon, Al Franken cuts where it hurts politically. Why it is that funny men can be more sensible and honest about what's going on these days than the real guys, I don't know. Seriously. Do you think Colin Powell is going to write anything resembling the truth in his next book? I doubt it. (Though I like his current running title, Fuck You, Belafonte.)

The book was painful at points just because it made me so angry at the people I was reading about. I'd read a chapter, put it down, and then stew at Bush, DeLay, Powell, Condi, Abramoff, etc etc. Holy cow.

Be wary of reading this book for your blood pressure's sake. It's awesome.


Didn't get Saturday off but spent most of the weekend inside where it was warm with Scott. We read, cooked, napped, and all that good stuff. Scott seems to be taking over my kitchen and has a list of equipment on the fridge I need to acquire. I'm not sure what I'd do with a wire whisk but he thinks it's important. Tomorrow is V-day but since I work until 9pm we're not celebrating until Wednsday. He announced this this morning, mostly because he needed to know when I'd get off work. Yay for surprises!

Anyhow, tomorrow I'm going to be filmed giving a presentation on the basic library stuff. I'm working on memorizing my shpiel and am a little nervous. Eek! Wish me luck!!

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